Tuesday, March 21

A crowd in Marin supports the relatives of the sailors of the ‘Villa de Pitanxo’ in their request to resume the search

Thousands of people have gathered this Sunday in the Alameda de Marín (Pontevedra) to support the families of the crew members of the Villa de Pitanxo and support them in the request that the search device be resumed to try to locate the 12 sailors, out of a total of 24, who are still missing after the sinking of the fishing boat in the Newfoundland Sea. The call was made by the relatives themselves, who have insisted that they have no hope of finding them alive, but of recovering the bodies.

From noon people began to gather in the center of Marín, where the owner of the ship, Nores, is from. Several relatives of the crew took the floor. María José de Pazo, daughter of the chief engineer, who is among the missing, has asked that the search be resumed now. The weather conditions, she said, already allow it, according to reports from sailors from other fishing vessels in the area.

Cristofer, son of another of the disappeared, also expressed his gratitude to other ships that are in Newfoundland and that have searched the area of ​​the shipwreck. “They are risking their lives without receiving anything in return,” he said, adding that they ask them to continue the battle: “They know that today it is us, but that tomorrow they may be the forgotten ones.”

In the concentration they have asked that Spain mobilize its own means for the search and have criticized the “lack of information” by the Government. “We are always the only ones to find out about things,” Cristofer lamented.

The relatives of the crew ask the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, to receive them this Monday. The head of the Executive is going to travel to Santiago de Compostela in the afternoon, where the Army plane that is going to repatriate the survivors and part of the bodies that have been recovered from the sea will land. They have also requested a meeting with the second vice president and Minister of Labor, the Galician Yolanda Díaz. In addition, they announced that this Monday morning they will go to the headquarters of the Government Subdelegation in Pontevedra to continue with their claims. “This is going to be forgotten once the bodies and the survivors arrive. We are going to continue making noise because we want answers,” said Cristofer.

In an emotional intervention, the son of Miguel Lumbres, one of the confirmed deceased, addressed the people gathered in Marín to also convey his support to the relatives of the disappeared, whom he encouraged to continue their “fight”. The act ended with a minute of silence and the reading of two lists: the names of the confirmed deceased and the disappeared.

Representatives from the Xunta were also present at the event – attended by the Regional Minister of the Sea, Rosa Quintana – and from politics. In addition to the mayors of Marín, Pontevedra, Bueu and Cangas, the national spokesperson for the BNG, Ana Pontón, the parliamentary spokesperson for the PPdeG, Pedro Puy, and the PP deputy in Congress, Ana Pastor, were present.