Friday, September 17

A cultural park reconquers forgotten spaces for music and leisure in Oviedo

Oviedo was sleeping his usual summer nap when the Kuivi Pop Up alarm clock rang. The capital of Asturias usually sees its summer period pass with some resignation, in the shadow of other more refreshing destinations in the Principality such as Gijón, Llanes or Ribadesella, which attract tourists and locals from the Cantabrian beaches. “For a long time the city has automatically renounced the summer,” says Carlos Baumann, promoter of Kuivi Pop Up. We are talking about a new proposal that aims to revitalize abandoned places to turn them into “spaces for culture where everyone feels identified.”

This formula, with roots in European capitals such as London, Berlin or Lisbon, was eagerly awaited in Oviedo, where it was needed more than ever to channel the cultural and idle yearnings of the city and materialize them into a point of reference for talent. underground of the Principality. “There are a lot of people moving around here and a lot can happen,” says Baumann. With this premise, Kuivi Pop Up was born in July.

Reconquest for culture

“This is not a festival. It is a cultural urban park,” Baumman clarifies. “Kuivi Pop Up it is a temporary solution to an urban, social and environmental problem. “And so his manifesto defends it. In the central neighborhood of San Lázaro, the place where the area’s institute was located a decade ago, had become an abandoned lot of 4,000 square meters full of rubble and bushes where nobody wanted to go near. “They said that rats came from here,” adds the spokesperson for the cultural promotion company, Kuivi Vision SL., which is currently changing the temporary use of this area until it is urbanized.

Meanwhile, they receive neighbors and foreigners who come by the hundreds to this open-air enclosure where entry is free and where the shipping containers host food and fashion stalls, the lights hanging from the poles illuminate the afternoons and the graffiti and murals decorate the old courtyard walls. A large terrace is the place where you eat, drink, chat and laugh. All this is done as a family, with friends, as a couple, with a pet and with children. The facilities also have an area where the little ones have fun playing under the supervision of a caregiver and an audience formed by wooden pallets where music lovers gather at sunset.

The goal of the Kuivi? “Let everyone feel the space theirs,” explains Pablo Fernández, in charge of the musical programming of the Kuivi Pop Up. We are talking about the highlight of this project, but not the only one, since more than a hundred gastronomic and cultural activities take place here and leisure activities, from independent film screenings to group Zumba classes and daytime workshops for children. The park opened its doors a month ago in Oviedo and will close on September 21. However, the success achieved so far indicates that the Kuivi Pop Up is far from dying.

More than a hundred concerts in two months

From the R&B of Tito Ramírez to a Sunday vermouth with Romero Martín; a session by Les Greques and the Latin rhythms of Ortiga, to a rap concert by Ácida among a carousel of styles and artists where rock, heavy metal and indie are present. “We try to make a program as transversal as possible in which anyone can feel identified,” explains Pablo Fernández.

“In these two months we are going to try more than a hundred concerts”, comments Carlos Baumann. “Many local groups have not played for two years and are grateful that we reconquered these places for culture. The music scene in Asturias is very good and so they can show their work,” concludes the promoter.

Another objective of the Kuivi is that people come regardless of the music that is going to be there. And they are getting it. “A lot more people are passing by than we thought,” says Baumann. During the first 10 days of the park’s opening, more than 7,000 people attended to enjoy this responsible leisure offer, since at all times the self-imposed maximum capacity of 700 attendees is respected, in addition to the established health protocols.

Neighborhood life

“Summer in Oviedo is a time of maximum hotel occupancy, but this type of opportunity has always been renounced”, adds Carlos Baumann. The urban cultural park is the latest project of the company Kuivi Vision SL that has the collaboration of the Municipal Foundation of Culture of Oviedo with the hiring of the bands as well as the Mahou-San Miguel Group and some local restaurants that have wanted to establish their headquarters in one of the containers.

Barra Brava, Conrad’s Bar, La Raposa, Goce Realfood, Esnalar and Fardel have been the first houses to transfer their gastronomic proposal to the Kuivi Pop Up universe. Like the musical proposal, gastronomy follows the line of this initiative where diversity is a maxim to attract an audience that encompasses all ages and preferences. “It’s like life in the neighborhood,” explains Pablo Fernández, “where we all tolerate and respect each other, even though we like different things. We wanted to play that.” At the moment, “the premise is fulfilled”, as Baumann assures. “We believe that the account of this project is valid independent of the site.”

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