Tuesday, September 28

A CUP councilor resigns after having stopped a monologue with comments on sexual diversity

A CUP councilor in Navarcles, in the province of Barcelona, ​​resigned this Sunday after interrupting the performance of a monologue the day before for his comments on sexual diversity. The until now mayor Ylènia Morros, responsible for the area of ​​Feminisms –among others–, communicated her resignation, linked it to her disagreements with the other government parties and described the incident as “the straw that has filled a glass that was already full ago. many months”.

Within the framework of the town’s Fiesta Mayor, which has about 6,000 inhabitants, Morros decided to interrupt the monologue Albert Boira, considering that his jokes were “macho” and that they disrespected LGTBI groups, according to a later statement from the CUP. Among some boos from the public, Morros argued: “You may not have felt offended, because perhaps you are not part of these groups, but jokes of a sexual nature have been made that are not appropriate and we work every day to make these attacks visible” , he expressed.

According to Morros, this incident “has been the straw that has filled a glass that was already full many months ago”, since the resignation of the council is a decision taken “weeks ago” due to the “contradictions” that the government sees. municipal, formed by Ara Navarcles (ERC), the CUP and Navarcles en Comú. “We are a so-called leftist government, transforming, but we limit ourselves to managing, trying to look good and putting patches,” he lamented, and accused his colleagues in the government of wanting to exclude her from decisions with “personal and political contempt.”