Sunday, May 28

A Customs helicopter drives away bathers who wanted to catch the load of a narco-boat on a beach in Cádiz

Bathers on a beach in Sanlúcar de Barrameda, in Cádiz, tried to take part of the load of a narco-boat that had run aground fleeing from the pursuit of a Customs helicopter, forcing the aircraft to fly very low to try to scare away to the many people who gathered in the area. In some videos that circulate on the internet, in fact, you can see how some bales manage to be stolen.

Formally, the incident has been explained as that the Customs Union has required the support of the Civil Guard due to an accumulation of people during an anti-drug device on a beach in Sanlúcar de Barrameda (Cádiz). This has been reported to Europa Press by sources from the Civil Guard, who have indicated that Customs requested support from both the Benemérita and the National Police when the service was overwhelmed by the number of people who had gathered during the device, an event ” very similar to one that was lived years ago”.

For its part, the National Police has detailed that the operation is still open, while sources from the Sanlúcar City Council confirm that “some ruckus” has occurred on the beach, but that the intervention of the Local Police was not necessary.

Regarding the incident, numerous videos released on social networks collect alleged images of a Customs service helicopter piloting near the shore to try to move a crowd of people away from a boat stranded on a beach in this town in Cadiz. The videos have been distributed, among others, by Jupol, the majority union of the National Police, which took advantage of their messages to stress that both in Campo de Gibraltar and in the rest of the province of Cádiz “there is a serious problem with the drug trafficking, and there is no use trying to hide it.”