Saturday, October 1

A demonstration cries out in Barcelona against the increase in the electricity bill

More than a thousand people have demonstrated this Saturday in the center of Barcelona against what they consider “the electricity scam”, in reference to the increase in the price of the electricity bill in recent months. Convened by a hundred collectives, associations and unions – such as the Alliance against Energy Poverty, the PAH, the Tenant Union or the CGT – they have started the march in Plaza Universidad and have moved towards Plaza Catalunya and Via Laietana.

During the march, they have displayed posters and banners against the increase in energy prices and have assured that they are doing it to also combat energy poverty and “not to get cold in winter.” People of all ages have denounced this situation, that they see “abuse” by a market controlled by companies such as Endesa, Iberdrola or Naturgy. In fact, part of the chants of the protest have been directed at these companies, such as “Endesa, Iberdrola, they are robbing the people” or “the electricity companies steal from us and the governments collaborate.”

The protest demanded structural measures to reduce and regulate electricity prices, as well as protect vulnerable groups, especially now that winter is approaching. As Mónica Guiteras, a member of the Alliance against Energy Poverty, explained during the presentation of the demonstration, “they are people who are experiencing the escalation of electricity prices with anguish, without clear information, with a model of opacity and with key decisions made between firms. ” In addition, he added, the stagnation of wages and pensions do not allow to face the prices of fuel, which have risen 23%, or the basic food basket, which has increased by 15%.

The organizers also point out that there are between 10 and 15% of the population living in a situation of energy poverty, which is why they believe the measures announced by the governments, which they accuse of having “yielded to the oligopoly,” are “insufficient”. .