Saturday, September 25

A deputy shows the dead fish from the Mar Menor to the Murcia Minister of the Environment: “This is the balance of your management, resign”

María Marín, one of the two deputies of Podemos in the Murcia Regional Assembly, has shown a boat with dead fish during the autonomous plenary session in which the situation of the Mar Menor was taken into account from the Murcian administration. The purple leader has been very critical of the actions carried out by the regional Executive of the PP, and specifically has addressed the Minister of the Environment, Antonio Luengo Zapata, who has asked his resignation.

The Murcian Prosecutor’s Office opens proceedings against Teresa Ribera for the state of Mar Menor

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Minutes before the beginning of the first plenary session of the Regional Assembly in the new political course, Marín rejected the presence of counselor Antonio Luengo in parliament, who “should have resigned weeks ago” for going down in history as “the counselor who allowed the The agroindustrial lobby took the Mar Menor to the limit of the catastrophe, refusing to pursue and dismantle illegal crops and desalination plants, also hindering the processing of the sanctions provided for in the law. ” The spokesperson for Podemos regretted that the president of the Community, Fernando López Miras, opted for “not appearing and hiding behind his advisers.” For Marín, the absence of the president from the rostrum is a “lack of respect for all citizens” to which public positions are owed, and for the democratic and representative essence, since “the rulers must respond to the opposition, not hide behind a Twitter account. ”

As for the solutions proposed by Podemos to the situation in the Mar Menor, Marín has announced that he will once again put on the table during his speech in plenary session “the need to protect the Mar Menor as much as possible, creating that Regional Park that the associations demand , scientists, and even some official professional associations such as geologists “. The deputy has pointed out that “the Mar Menor catastrophe has those responsible, whom Podemos will point out from the Assembly, but it also has solutions for which, clearly, we are arriving late.”

Javier Sánchez Serna, national deputy of United We Can for Murcia, has been echoed through Twitter of the delivery of the boat of dead fish to the Minister of the Environment: “They have been lying about the Mar Menor for 25 years to protect the multinationals from agribusiness and their real estate hits. But they can no longer hide the reality and today María Marín has put it on them in front of the face “.

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