Friday, December 8

A detainee for the murder in January of a former Granada PSOE councilor

The National Police has arrested this Wednesday the alleged perpetrator of the murder that ended the life of the former PSOE councilor in the Granada City Council, José Miguel Castillo Higueras, last January. According to police sources, the arrested person is a 19-year-old with a police record. At the time of the arrest, he was in the neighborhood of El Realejo, in the historic center of the capital.

A former PSOE councilor dies in Granada after being the victim of a robbery on the street

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The judge in charge of the case has decreed the secrecy of the summary to investigate some events that took place on Sunday, January 23, when Castillo Higueras was allegedly approached by the man arrested today to rob him. Then, the surveillance cameras located on Pedro Alcocer street in Granada capital, showed a scene, revealed by the Ideal newspaper, in which the assailant hit the politician with a punch. The blow knocked him down and left him lying on the ground for half an hour until a passerby alerted medical services to help the former councilman.

José Miguel Castillo Higueras was transferred to the San Cecilio Clinical Hospital of the Health Technology Park in order to save his life, although in the end there was no success and he ended up dying hours later. The events caused great consternation among the political and cultural class of Granada since Castillo Higueras had been a councilor for that area 30 years ago, being recognized for giving a strong boost to Holy Week in Granada.