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A detainee in Barcelona for abusing minors and recording them posing as a representative of ‘gamers’

The Civil Guard has arrested a man who deceived minors to sexually abuse them and record them posing as a representative of gamers Famous. The 37-year-old detainee in Sant Just Desvern (Barcelona) was denounced by the mother of a minor in Castellón and has already been made available to the Esplugues de Llobregat Guard Court, which has ordered his entry into prison.

The Ombudsman confirms that the bishops refused to participate in the investigation into pederasty

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The operation began a year ago and to date five minor victims have been identified, although the Civil Guard indicates that there could be at least up to 14 other victims, who are trying to be identified. In the register of the detainee’s home, the Civil Guard has discovered 105 videos of pedophile content where minors appeared, according to Civil Guard sources in a statement.

The detainee used online video game chats and social networks to get closer to his victims and gain their trust, posing as a representative of professional video game players.

After establishing friendships with the minors, he showed them pornography to encourage his victims to perform different sexual acts by video call. In the sessions, which were recorded without the victims’ knowledge, the detainee sometimes came out, performing sexual acts in front of the minors.

The detainee, posing as a representative of gamers Not only did he manage to make video calls with the minors, but he also gained the trust of the families. After several meetings with the families of the victims in which she convinced them to be a representative, she managed to stay alone with the minor, in order to have the possibility of maintaining physical contact. The Civil Guard continues to work on the analysis of the data obtained from the seized material, as well as on the full identification of the rest of the victims.

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