Wednesday, October 5

A dinosaur “warns” the UN about climate change | Digital Trends Spanish

Climate change has been defined as the most dangerous threat facing humanity.

For this reason, international authorities and the scientific community have repeatedly reiterated the urgency of applying serious and responsible measures to try to reduce the increase in temperature at a global level.

Part of these efforts have emerged from the UN, which has just shared a unique record that seeks to raise awareness about this serious climate phenomenon.

Thus, the international organization published a video featuring a dinosaur that suddenly bursts into one of its assemblies.


At the appointment, the specimen settles on the podium and addresses those present to deliver a fiery speech on climate change.

“I know a thing or two about extinction, and let me tell you, you would think this is obvious, that extinction is a bad thing. At least we had an asteroid, what’s your excuse? ”Says Frankie, a dinosaur who recalls velociraptors from Jurassic park.

In one part of the speech, the dinosaur also calls for cutting government subsidies for fossil fuels to reduce greenhouse emissions, which could help save our planet.

“We are heading for a climate catastrophe, and yet each year governments spend hundreds of billions of public funds on fossil fuel subsidies,” adds Frankie.

Imagine that we would have spent hundreds of billions of dollars a year subsidizing giant meteorites. That is what they are doing now ”.

Currently, about $ 423 billion annually is spent to subsidize fossil fuels, including oil and electricity generated by burning gas and coal.

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