Saturday, October 16

A disturbing sculpture alerts about climate change | Digital Trends Spanish

This week, the inhabitants of Bilbao, in Spain, came across a disturbing sculpture of a girl submerged in the Nervión River.

The statue has received the name of Bihar, which in the Basque language means “tomorrow”. One of the elements that has attracted the most attention is that the face of the girl that shapes the statue is covered with water as the tide rises, so it seems that she is drowning.

“At first it gave me a feeling of stress, when more of the face was out of the water, but now it communicates sadness to me, a lot of sadness,” Triana Gil, a visitor who saw the sculpture, told Reuters. “She doesn’t even seem worried, it’s like she’s letting herself drown.”


The fiberglass sculpture is the work of Mexican artist Rúben Orozco Loza. Although, in an interview with Insider, the author does not refer directly to climate change, he does talk about the bad decisions that we have made for future generations.

“Bihar is an exercise in pause, a look at what is changing and, above all, a reflection for the future on what can happen if we continue to bet on unsustainable models,” Loza told Insider.


“I hope this work helps people to reflect and see how, like sculpture, we can reach a point where we are no longer afloat,” he added.


Loza took three months to finish the work, which he designed and made in Mexico with the help of his wife. According to the author, a steel structure keeps the 3.5-ton girl submerged.

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