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A dozen people are evicted due to the Balmaseda fire, which has so far affected two homes

The fire declared in the area of ​​Balmaseda, Bizkaia, which currently has four active outbreaks, has forced the eviction of 17 people and at least two homes have been affected, as confirmed by the Security Department. The director of Emergency Services and Meteorology of the Basque Government, Ricardo Ituarte, is heading to the site and it has been decided to install the advanced command center on the football field. The Emergency Services have recommended closing windows in the Biscayan town because the fire had several outbreaks late in the morning and the intense smoke throughout the Las Encantaciones mining area and the left bank of Bizkaia, which is also visible from the Right Bank and Uribe Kosta. As a result of the situation, the Basque Government has decided to activate the Special Emergency Plan for the Risk of Forest Fires in its phase 0.

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This Sunday, October 23, Balmaseda celebrated the big day of its patron saint, San Severino, with the popular International Putxeras Contest, which had to be suspended because the strong gusts of wind have caused several fires and have forced traffic to be cut off. trains between Zalla and Carranza. In statements to Radio Euskadi, collected by Europa Press, the mayor of Balmaseda, Aitor Larrinaga, explained that the fire originated in Arbalitza, an area of ​​farmhouses populated with pine trees. As he has indicated, the situation is “complicated” due to the strong gusts of wind that are being recorded and the decision has been made to suspend the festivities and the Putxeras contest that was being held.

“It’s a very difficult area, with the wind, we’re happy if nothing happens,” a resident of Las Encartaciones warns this newspaper. “You breathe badly, you smell a lot of smoke and there are many fallen trees. We are calling 112 and the line is busy”, explains a witness to the events, who has gone to Balmaseda to spend the day and has encountered the situation. The Bizkaia Provincial Council has specified that, between Balmaseda and Zalla, they have the entire parks of Zalla and Urioste working, plus a crew from Derio and another from Iurreta. There are also 12 water vehicles and four forest checkpoints in operation. In addition, he specified that Álava is being supported with two tanks and three forestry vehicles. The Ertzaintza mobile brigade has also appeared at the scene.

In recent hours, the strong wind, which in areas of Getxo such as La Galea has reached 99 kilometers/hour, has caused several level two fires in Balmaseda, Getxo and Bilbao. The Department of Security has activated the orange alert due to the risk of more fires. “From Bizkaiko Basozainak we appreciate the citizen collaboration to avoid the use of fire (barbecues…) with the current conditions, the burning of forest remains and in orchards are prohibited by the Provincial Council of Bizkaia. Keep in mind that with this wind and the dryness of the terrain, it can cause many problems for the firefighting teams”, they have indicated through the Twitter account of the Bizkaia rangers.

The orange alert activated by the Basque Government has initially been established from 06:00 to 15:00 in the afternoon in Gipuzkoa, Bizkaia and part of Álava, in the Aiala region. “Due to this situation, the risk rates of forest fires, especially associated with the risk of ignition and difficulty of extinction, are very high,” warn the Department of Security.

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