Saturday, August 13

A family arrested for not hiring a worker who was seriously injured and coercing him to falsify the facts

The Civil Guard has arrested three people, members of the same family, as a result of an accident at work in which a man who had been working without a contract for three years on the estate of those arrested in Sant Joan (Mallorca) was seriously injured.

The events occurred last April, when on a private estate in Sant de Joan the man was trapped under a tractor that had overturned while he was carrying out his work. The man was transferred in a very serious condition to Son Espases, where he underwent surgery up to three times, leaving him with serious sequelae.

To clarify the incident, the investigators of the Judicial Police of the Civil Guard had to wait for the victim to improve her health in order to interview her. Meanwhile, they did the same with different witnesses of what happened.

Finally, as a result of the investigations carried out, the agents concluded that the victim had been working on the detained family’s farm for at least three years, without being registered with Social Security, a fact that the victim was unaware of since he had been deceived by the employers, who told him that his work situation had been regularized.

To all this was added a possible crime of coercion, since one of the detainees tried to convince the victim’s partner not to report the facts, so that she told the investigators that her husband was walking with their children when the incident occurred. accident, thus avoiding any professional relationship with the man.

For all these reasons, the Armed Institute has finally arrested the three members of the family as alleged perpetrators of crimes of coercion and against the rights of workers.

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