Saturday, March 25

A fan with a banner against the Qatar World Cup is expelled from the León stadium

The first act of the centenary of the Cultural and Sports Leonesa arrives with controversy. The Leonese club decided to fire a young man this Friday with a banner from the match that pitted the team led by Eduardo Docampo against the Qatar national team, host of the next World Cup, according to Ileó has reported.

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The poster that asked ‘Where are the human rights of Qatar’ did not sit well with the Leonese club, so it was decided to expel it from the stands and the stadium. Social networks quickly echoed what happened, calling the limitation of freedom of expression in a democratic country for a non-offensive message “regrettable”. “No one has been insulted and has expressed what we all think of a World Cup held in a country without freedoms,” they said, criticizing that “money over values ​​and principles.”

The match served as a showcase for the city, the province and its products for the Qatari delegation that attended the match, after the investment of more than ten million euros made by the Aspire Academy group, from the Arab country . In this sense, the Diputación also took advantage of the celebration of the match to try to strengthen the commercial relationship with the Qatari country. The provincial institution gave the party 15,000 euros, through media focused on the Products of León, and another 100,000 euros to celebrate the club’s centenary.

In addition, the Parador de San Marcos was the scene of a meal attended by representatives of Qatar, that is, the president of Cultural, the National Federation and representatives of the embassy. The invitation was attended by the president of the Provincial Council, Eduardo Morán; the mayor of León, José Antonio Diez; the president of the Leonese Business Circle (CEL), Julio César Álvarez; the president of the León Chamber of Commerce, Javier Vega; and the president of the Leonese Federation of Entrepreneurs (Fele), Javier Cepedano.

For its part, the Qatari team arrived in León on a direct flight from Austria, where it is concentrated. After spending the night at the Parador de San Marcos, the expedition carried out a short tour of the city. During the meeting, tribute was paid to the seven players who are part of the Qatar senior team who have passed through the ranks of Cultural.

In the boxes of the Reino de León stadium, illustrious guests were seen, such as Rubén de la Barrera and Luis Cembranos, two of the coaches involved in the last rise of the club from the capital of León. Among the political authorities who attended the meeting, the presence of the provincial president, Eduardo Morán, and the sub-delegate of the Government in the province, Faustino Sánchez, stood out.