Wednesday, September 27

A fascist with a banner is still a fascist

The stupefaction. That has been the state of mind these days when I was witnessing the ridiculous, vain and innocent attempts of a part of the left that has begged that the carrier strikes become a progressive cause that had to be defended, ignoring the objective conditions that made it up. The bosses’ strike promoted by a reactionary platform has the sole interest of subverting the power legitimately elected at the polls. It uses objective conditions of precariousness in a sector to attract the declassed and desperate in a politically amorphous mass that works for post-fascist interests.

It is not new that analysts and commentators ignore reality to make speeches and take positions that fit their pre-existing frameworks without minimally studying the substance of the protests. The problem is that they give their opinion without being previously informed, adapting their previous prejudices to any reality. It may be that wishful thinking makes disoriented opinion leaders and politicians think that the mere fact that there is a protest with labor demands is a place that the left has to capitalize on. However, when you know the substance of which it is composed, you have to understand that it is a barren land that is not only not a place of political dispute in favor, but a space with which to confront categorically because what it seeks is your annihilation. as a political subject.

The leaders of the demonstrations are part of a family of transport businessmen who participated in the configuration of VOX in Hellín (Albacete). They take photos with their Mercedes Benz collections and on their social network profiles they have racist, sexist, anti-communist messages that consider that anyone who does not adhere to their idea of ​​Spain has to be expelled from what they believe to be their exclusive country. . There may be those who think that it is possible to try to reason and attract postulates from the left who are informed in Facebook groups called “Hasta los cojones del humps”, “Hyprogresía”, “Frente Ultra Español”, “Francisco Franco Foundation”. ” or “Phalanges of God”, but perhaps it would be necessary to better measure the battles that are taking place and assume that the mobilization of these days does not have the objective of giving a fair solution to labor demands.

Among the demonstrators there were those who considered that the minister had to be “a firecracker in the cunt” and that her situation was a disaster because they had to raise the salary of their drivers due to the rise in inflation. Good luck to anyone who wants to build something decent with those bricks, but it’s okay to recognize that sometimes flushing is better. Not all those who make up the protest are undesirable of this size, surely there are decent people with just demands and to whom in another context it is mandatory to attend. If so, separate from this mob and start from scratch, because those who lead this protest are indeed fascists who work in that direction. That’s all that matters.

Social class is and is explained objectively, but in order for it to work under Marxist precepts it has to assume a subjective condition that makes it the class “for itself”. It is useless at this point to believe (and want) that because there are members of the working class in a mobilization it can become a revolutionary mass when its substance is a reactionary mass. It doesn’t matter that a communist who believes in improving the material conditions of the working class goes to last Friday’s demonstration looking for the small self-employed to talk to them about the uberization of their sector and works to improve their lives when the protesters see him just think of roadside meat. Perhaps among the protesters of this Friday’s lockout there were some members who belonged to the components of the “class itself”, that does not change that they are enemies of progress and work to turn our country into a replica of the one we abandoned 45 years ago . Understanding it helps not to become a dead mass that sinks society into the mud. You may want to lead the demonstration because with an external analysis you consider that the one who carries the banner as a component of the working class has to be part of your political project, but if he is not, you are not going to convince him simply by explaining your reasons. A fascist does not stop being a fascist for driving a truck and demonstrating with a yellow vest.