Saturday, July 24

A fire on the Costa Brava forces the evacuation of three urbanizations and a monastery

The forest fire declared in Llançà (Girona) declared this afternoon has forced the evacuation of three urbanizations and the monastery of Sant Pere de Rodes. It is not ruled out that there will be more preventive evictions. 57 ground crews and 14 air assets work there.

The fire, driven by the north wind, would have started in the Cau del Llop urbanization area. The right flank has opened upwind and would advance in the direction of Coll del Perer, an area where aerial means are firing to prevent the fire from exceeding it and having access to the entire Santa Elena mountain range.

The left flank spreads downward towards the Santa Creu valley. On this flank is the El Beleser urbanization, which, in a preventive way, has been evicted. According to the Mossos, the same has been requested from the residents of the Santa Isabel and Vall de Santa Creu urbanizations. The city council has made the Llançà pavilion available to evicted people.

The fire has already calcined 100 hectares of land and could potentially burn 2,000, the vast majority of the Cap de Creus Natural Park. In addition, the Firefighters find it difficult to access the area and the trucks cannot get close to the flames.

The head of the body in Girona, Jordi Martín, explained that they have reinforced the aerial means that cannot shoot water lines from vehicles. “The problem is that the fire is in an inaccessible area and this greatly slows down the extinction tasks,” he said.

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