Wednesday, October 4

A flood of water and mud sows chaos in the Cadiz town of Setenil de las Bodegas

The rains on Tuesday and in recent days have caused the Trejo River to overflow as it passes through the Municipality of Setenil de las Bodegas, in the Sierra de Cádiz, but from the City Council they assure that the streets have been flooded by the very strong rains suffered. Now they are suffering the consequences and some neighbors have had to be evacuated in several streets. The mayor, Rafael Vargas, has confirmed to Efe the activation of the emergency plan in the face of the floods that the rise of the river has caused in the town, a situation that began around five in the afternoon and that has left images of vehicles dragged and trapped and flooded streets.

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Civil Protection and Firefighters from various parks in nearby municipalities such as Olvera have traveled to the town, as well as Local Police and citizen security patrols from the Civil Guard of Setenil, Algodonales, Zahara and Ronda, who are working to help evacuate people who have been surprised by the overflow of the Trejo River due to the rains of recent days.

The Civil Guard has reported the closure of the CA9119 at kilometer 2 towards Alcalá del Valle due to rockfalls caused by the rain and of the A7276 at kilometer 13 towards Setenil due to water and mud accumulated on the road. after heavy rains. It has also informed in that line the 112 Andalusia:

“It is a tremendous flood, right now I have the town collapsed, and it continues to rain, with cars stuck, houses flooded and that have fallen due to the force of the water,” the mayor of Setenil, who a few moments ago has told Efe spoke with the sub-delegate of the Government in Cádiz, José Pacheco, to convey his concern about the damage that this torrent of water is causing in numerous houses and businesses, and to ask that all possible means be transferred to the town to tackle this problem.

So far, the damage that this flood has caused has not been calculated and there is no data on the number of affected residents, who have had to seek refuge in the bars of Setenil that have opened their doors to welcome those who have had to leave their homes. unexpectedly, as Mayor Rafael Vargas explained.