Wednesday, November 30

A foldable that folds into three parts: the latest Samsung patent offers more details about this promising project

Samsung works in a folding device that folds into a Z shape, through two folds and dividing it into three parts. Known as ‘Samsung Tri-Fold’, at the moment the project is still a set of patents and some sketches, but it is undoubtedly striking to see what forms mobile manufacturers could offer us and what the next step may be for the folding ones.

It was at the end of 2020 when we first met this proposal. Now as shown LetsGoDigital, a new extensive patent has been registered with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). A new patent that provides more details on this three-part folding device project that could turn a smartphone into a device with a larger screen than the Z Fold3, on the order of a full tablet like the Galaxy Tab S7.

New details on the ‘Samsung Tri-Fold’


The patent reveals Samsung’s project, where we have a device with three independent screens that can be unfolded to become a larger screen. Let’s think of a kind of Galaxy Z Fold but with a additional fold to further increase its size.

The ‘Samsung Tri-Fold’, popular name that receives this concept, would have according to the patent with a fingerprint reader under the screen, support for S-Pen, HDMI connector, triple camera and two batteries. One of the hinges would fold in and the other out.

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The status of the project is unknown and it is unknown whether Samsung will eventually produce this concept or scrap it in favor of other folding mobile designs. Even so, the patent has a great number of details throughout its 42 pages.

The main advantage of this Z-shaped design is that there is no need to add a different secondary screen for when it is folded. In models like the Z Fold or the Z Flip, when the mobile is folded what we see is its secondary screen, smaller and different from the one that is extended. With the Tri-Fold concept, in addition to getting a larger unfolded screen, we also have the advantage of be able to use one of the main parts when folded.

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