Monday, May 29

A former magistrate threatened by ETA announces his vote for EH Bildu: “I feel Spanish but I am from the left”

Former magistrate Manuel Díaz de Rábago, in a video released this Sunday, has asked for a vote for the EH Bildu coalition. In this intervention, in which he affirms that he feels Spanish – “not Basque” – and in which he recalls that he was threatened by ETA and that he had a police escort for ten years, he also asks to “categorically” reject the “instrumentalization” that the “right and the ultra-right” have made the electoral campaign due to the presence of former ETA members on the coalition lists to wear down EH Bildu and the Government of Pedro Sánchez and the progressive majorities in Spain. He understands that the resignation of the ex-terrorists with blood crimes favors the “necessary democratic coexistence.”

Díaz Ayuso breaks into the Basque campaign to insist that ETA is still alive and that EH Bildu is outlawed


“For more than ten years, due to my status as a judge, I have had an escort and also two of the ETA commandos had my data. That does not prevent me, nowadays, once the terrorist activity has disappeared and ETA has been dissolved, from supporting and voting for EH Bildu. It seems to me that it is a very necessary project for the left, both in the Basque Country and in Spain. I feel Spanish, not Basque, even though I have lived here fifty years. That is my national sentiment. I am from the left above all else and I have always voted for left-wing parties. Not always the same. And it will happen now too. I will vote for [EH] Bildu. It is the majority party within the left, both in my City Hall [Donostia] like in Gipuzkoa”, he explains. The former judge indicates that what encourages him to take the step is that the left collaborate, because this benefits the lower classes, and he understands that within the different electoral offers, that of EH Bildu is the one that has options to overcome the PNV, at least in Gipuzkoa.

Díaz de Rábago, who, among other positions, was president of the Social Chamber of the Superior Court of Justice of the Basque Country, had been participating in events related to EH Bildu for some time. The coalition is embarking on a ‘broad front’ strategy to add social sectors -even not strictly pro-independence- beyond the founding parties, Sortu, EA, Alternatiba or what was once Aralar. The former socialist councilor Gemma Zabaleta has already participated in this campaign and, in the past, she has even accompanied Otegi by the former leader of Ezker Batua (the former IU brand) Javier Madrazo. Likewise, the former general secretary of Podemos in Euskadi Nagua Alba has also shown her support for the EH Bildu candidate for Donostia, Juan Karlos Izagirre.

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