Monday, May 16

A former Vox deputy and Marín’s rival in the Ciudadanos primaries create two parties just before the Andalusians

Two new political parties will be able to compete in the next Andalusian elections: one is born from the internal war in the Vox Andalucía parliamentary group and the other from the internal war in Ciudadanos, a partner of the Government of Juan Manuel Moreno. The first is called Libres (LB) and was registered a month ago in the registry of political parties of the Home Office by the former deputy of Vox, Luz Belinda Rodríguez, head of the list for Almería in 2018.

Moreno justifies a possible electoral advance in June: “We need to have our hands untied”

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Rodríguez left Vox in January 2020 accusing his colleagues of workplace harassment (in parallel, the group’s management formalized his expulsion, reproaching him for “not contributing anything”). Since then, she has been a non-attached parliamentarian, along with 11 other deputies expelled from Adelante Andalucía, and she represents the slogans of the Spanish Falange in the Andalusian Parliament.

The newly created second party is called Somos Futuro and was also registered in March by Elena Bago, a member of Ciudadanos from Huelva who contested the orange candidacy in the last Andalusian elections -and in the primaries for the leadership of the party- for vice president of the Board and regional leader, Juan Marín. Bago, an industrial engineer from Huelva, achieved 23% support from Ciudadanos affiliates in the 2018 primaries, being practically unknown, against the candidate imposed by the national leader, Albert Rivera.

In 2021, he returned to an express Ciudadanos primaries to elect the candidate for this year’s regional elections -2,264 members with the right to vote-, but this time he barely obtained 74 ballots, 5.2% of the vote. That process was in December of last year and shortly after Bago began the journey to set up his own political formation, already unmarked from Ciudadanos.

election environment

These two new political parties appear in the Interior registry on the same day, March 31, although they have nothing to do with each other. The two fall within the “national territorial sphere”, but at the gates of the elections in Andalusia, which have not yet been called but which necessarily play this year. The president of the Board, Juan Manuel Moreno, is considering the month of June, for which he must dissolve Parliament after Easter, or wait until autumn and finalize the legislature in this period of sessions, which ends before summer.

The former deputy of Vox Andalucía is listed as president and legal representative of the Libres party, with headquarters in Córdoba, a province other than hers. The former Citizens affiliate is the president and legal representative of Somos Futuro, whose full name is Somos Fuerza, Unión, Trabajo, Utilidad, Regeneración y Oportunidad. Her headquarters are in Huelva, where Bago works.

The emergence of two new formations in the Andalusian political arena deepens the current fragmentation of the scenario, in which more parties than ever concur, most of them the result of previous divisions. Vox broke into the Andalusian Parliament in 2018 with 12 deputies, but just two years later it suffered an internal crisis that resulted, first, in the resignation of its leader and candidate, Judge Francisco Serrano, immersed in a legal case for an alleged crime of fraud, and later with the loss of a parliamentarian.

“Women are canceled in Vox”

Rodríguez’s expulsion from the group occurred in the midst of a monumental internal row. The woman from Almería accused her colleagues of “misogyny” and “lack of internal democracy”, and went so far as to report to the Police that they had opened her personal correspondence. “When she was deputy spokesperson she was a zero to the left. Only men can speak on Vox and only men can be everywhere, we women are a bit annulled. I’m leaving because they won’t let me work, ”she said in January 2021.

The then Vox spokesman in the Andalusian Parliament, Alejandro Hernández, responded with harsh criticism: “She leaves a minute before the party throws her out. Quantitatively, she was not a person who stood out and because of his dedication and his human capacity, it was questionable. I don’t consider it a big loss.”

Critical sector in Ciudadanos

In the case of Elena Bago, born in Jaén and resident in Huelva, her organic weight within Ciudadanos was meager. She never held a party position or held public office. In February 2017, she presented herself as a delegate to the fourth national assembly of the orange formation, the only applicant outside the official current who would achieve a seat. The now president of Somos Futuro was always critical of the leadership of Juan Marín, “remote-directed by the national directorate of Citizens.”

The orange formation faces difficult elections, with all the polls against it. Marín is confident of achieving results above those obtained by Citizens in other communities that have already gone to the polls, recently in Castilla y León, where he left the coalition government with the PP to the only seat he has maintained in the Autonomous Chamber . The alliance between popular and oranges in Andalusia has enjoyed exceptional harmony in these three years of legislature, and both Moreno and Marín have publicly declared that their interest is to reissue the pact and continue governing together.