Friday, May 27

A Google error turned an engineer into a murderer | Digital Trends Spanish

This is the type of email that no one would want to read. Hristo Georgiev was checking his inbox when he found an email where a former co-worker gave him a strange warning.

According to the message, when you googled his name, Hristo’s image was linked to a Wikipedia article about a dangerous serial killer.

The problem is that Georgiev shares his name with a Bulgarian rapist and serial killer, popularly known as The Sadist, who killed five people between 1974 and 1980.

Now, it is enough to enter the article to realize that Hristo and the murderer are different people, but even so this engineer warns about the “darker implications” that this error could have.

The problem appears to have been caused by Google’s Knowledge Graph algorithm, which mistakenly matched Georgiev’s photo with the article about the serial killer.

The company uses this algorithm to collect information from various sources, which is presented to users in the form of an information box next to the search results.

“The rampant spread of fake news and the culture of cancellation has made literally everyone who is not anonymous vulnerable. Anyone with a presence on the Internet today has to take care of their representation online, ”explained Georgiev on his blog.

The good news for the engineer is that Google quickly corrected his mistake after he addressed Hacker News. The website accelerated the process and thus his photo is no longer associated with that of the serial killer.

This issue caused many other users to notice that Google’s Knowledge Graph charts were full of errors.

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