Saturday, September 25

A government with two souls, a soulless opposition

We have a Government with two souls and a soulless opposition, a Government with two parties that pull in different directions and an opposition of two indistinguishable parties that only shoots to kill. We have a president who some days stands up with the left foot and others with the right, socialist ministers who do not always remember that they are, and United We can deputies opposing the government of which they are part because they are not capable of enforcing the covenant. In front, the political Brunete, an armored division of mass destruction that wants everything to go wrong so that they can do well.

The division between the two souls of the Executive is becoming more and more evident. UP proposes to limit the price of electricity and create a public energy company, PSOE refuses; Yolanda Díaz wants to raise the minimum wage and Nadia Calviño delays it until October; the purple ones propose to control the housing market, the socialists dismiss it without offering a solution. In this chariot that they pilot, Podemos spurs on the horses to accelerate the reforms and the Socialists pull the reins to stop the chariot and not scare Caesar: those who really command.

Halfway through the legislature, the facts are conclusive. The most progressive measures come from the left wing of the Executive: the increases in the SMI, the ERTES of the pandemic, the betting house law, the trans law, even the Minimum Vital Income, developed by a PSOE ministry, but promoted by UP. For their part, the Socialists have brought forward an Education law that was highly contested by the right but described as timid, insufficient, by the educational community. Sánchez’s boldest step has been to grant pardons to the procés prisoners, but that is not enough to boast of progressivism.

Socialism also has two other souls, at least. You know: a republican soul in a monarchical body, leftist but center, progressive but orderly, and so on. The president himself is like the South Americans in Sunrise, which is no small thingSome days he rides his bike, others he smells bad. The same allows Marlaska to illegally expel Moroccan minors from Ceuta, which makes Spain the international reception center for Afghan refugees; the same thing welcomes a ship of migrants one summer, which ignores them the rest of the time.

With the rise of light, the same thing happens. It does nothing to prevent the energy oligopoly from doing its worst at our expense, but at the weekend it announces that it will be able to lower the price so that we end up paying an annual bill like that of previous years. We do not know how he intends to do it. For now, the only initiative of the Minister of the Environment is to appeal to the empathy of companies, which is like putting the wolf to take care of the sheep. The PSOE is always afraid to shoot the wolves, but the wolves start with the sheep and end up eating the shepherd.

Ferraz / Moncloa seems to be more concerned with what the media, economic and political apparatus, mostly ultra-conservative, says than what their voters want. And so it goes. The polls predict the defeat of the coalition at the hands of an opposition that takes advantage of the doubts of the Government and sees how its strategy of harassment and demolition works for them. They hit with all the force of the related media and Sánchez turns to profile, backs down. If you think more about those who will never vote for you than about those who vote for you, you have everything to lose.

The opposition is a bloc. A monolith. A stone to throw to the contrary. They do not propose, they do not create, they only destroy. They do not care about Spain, Casado has made it clear with the renewal of the judges. It blocks it because it favors the judicial and electoral interests of its formation. Point. Those who call themselves constitutionalists violate the Constitution like those they call coup plotters. Faced with a sterile opposition, only a fertile government can function, one that makes the country grow and change, that does not shy away from the rival. If the coalition wants to turn the game around, in the second half it has to play fearlessly as one team in favor of the citizens of this country who want progress.

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