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A grieving man rampages in the Savage Salvation trailer | Digital Trends Spanish

With so many independent movies on the market, it’s easy to lose track of some up-and-coming titles. However, it is not likely that Savage Salivation suffer that fate, if only because the filmmakers have assembled a cast that would be the envy of many a major studio movie.

Jack Huston, who was so wonderfully convincing as Richard Harrow on the HBO show Boardwalk Empirewill take the lead role alongside Robert DeNiro and John Malkovich. Huston stars as Shelby John, a man whose dreams of a better life have apparently ended with the tragic death of his fiancée, Ruby Red (Willa Fitzgerald).

As shown in the trailer above, Shelby and Ruby were deeply in love, and also deeply ashamed of the things they had done in their respective lives. That’s why they wanted to skip town and start fresh somewhere else where they could leave their addictions and other problems behind. Unfortunately, Ruby didn’t live long enough for that plan to come to fruition. And to her grief, Shelby has taken it upon herself to hunt down members of the local illegal drug operation and kill them all to avenge Ruby’s death.

Sheriff Church (De Niro) is sympathetic to Shelby’s plight, but he also appears to be several steps behind as Shelby takes out his anger and frustration on anyone he finds who has a connection to the drugs that claimed Ruby’s life. And if Shelby isn’t careful, her revenge will claim her life as well.

Malkovich also stars in the film as Ruby’s older brother-in-law, Peter, with Winter Ave Zoli as Darlene, Lindsay Pulsipher as Jess, Katalina Viteri as Annie, Clay Wilcox as Darius, and Quavo Quavo as Coyote.

Randall Emmett directed the film from a screenplay by Adam Taylor Barker and Chris Sivertson. SavageSalvation It will be released in theaters and on digital on December 2.

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