Wednesday, October 27

A group of cybercriminals leaks the supposed code of Twitch and its payments to streamers

A group of cybercriminals claims to have accessed all internal information on Twitch, the live content broadcast platform. As they have communicated in a well-known forum, the attack has given them access to the platform’s source code, internal security tools, projects not yet linked and a history of payments to content creators that goes from 2019 to 2021.

Cybercriminals have posted a 128-gigabyte downloadable file containing some of that information. It is accessible to everyone and the data it contains, such as what Twitch (owned by Amazon) pays to the stars of the platform, such as Ibai Llanos or Auroplay, are already circulating on social networks. contacted Twitch before publishing this information, but has not received a response yet. In the absence of an official confirmation from the platform, the specialists’ recommendation to users is to immediately change the password established for this platform and that of any other in which the same password is used, in anticipation that this data will also have been compromised.

The leak includes business-sensitive information for Twitch, such as a video game database and code for an online gaming platform that has not yet been released. “Jeff Bezos paid 970 million dollars for this, we are giving it for free”, writes the group in the forum where they have posted the information. The group claims that what has been published so far is only the first part of the Twitch database that they have had access to.

According to the comments of cybercriminals, the action is related to the hate attacks that spread through the platform, against which the streamers went on a worldwide strike at the beginning of September. The creators charge against Twitch’s inaction in combating them. “The Twitch community is a disgusting toxic cesspool, so to encourage further disruption and competition in the online video streaming space, we’ve pwned them [hackeado] completely, “they say.

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