Monday, December 4

A group of neo-Nazis attacks and performs the fascist salute in the booth of the Student Union of the Malaga Fair

The student union of Malaga has filed a complaint in a court in the capital for the events that occurred in the early hours of last Saturday to Sunday in his booth at the Fair, in which three neo-Nazis entered with the intention of provoking and generating an altercation. Despite the pushes received by the personnel in charge of the security of the facilities, and the provocative attitude that included the making of the fascist salute, there were no altercations, although the neo-Nazis did not leave the booth until the National Police forced them to do so.

The events, as pointed out by the general secretary of the Student Union in Malaga, Juan Díaz, took place at around 4 in the morning, when three well-known neo-Nazis stood at the booth’s bar and refused to leave, maintaining in all moment a “provocative attitude to try to provoke an altercation”. “They are old acquaintances of fascist gangs from Malaga who had already been messing around in the booth of the Communist Party, the Cuban Corner, it is something they do on a regular basis to generate confrontation and try to break the atmosphere.”

The incident did not escalate thanks to the “total firmness” of the security personnel, who isolated the neo-Nazis and “did not fall for their provocations”, which included their refusal to leave, shoving and performing the fascist salute. “The people ended up shouting no to fascism so that they would leave,” which they did not do until National Police agents appeared who, Díaz laments, had an attitude that was too “kind” towards the provocateurs, among whom was a person who has a restraining order from a general secretary of the previous union who gave him a “savage beating” as a group.

“Anyone is welcome in our booth, and it has become a refuge for immigrants and people from the LGBTI community,” says Díaz, who highlights the environment “against machismo and racism” that characterizes it. Incidents like the one this weekend, he regrets, are not the first time they have happened “they usually come to burst, attack and throw bottles.” In this sense, he has criticized the “impunity of the fascist gangs”, who “know that nothing is going to happen to them” in the face of the “permissiveness” of the National Police and the Malaga City Council, which “has sponsored sporting events organized by one of the the three who came to provoke”.