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A gynecologist in Murcia diagnoses the homosexuality of a patient who came to his office as a disease

“Current disease: homosexual” can be read in the medical report of a Murcian health worker who made a gynecological appointment for a 19-year-old patient at the Reina Sofía public hospital, last Monday, October 4. The mother of the young woman, Santi, will file a formal complaint with the Murcian Health Service (SMS) tomorrow against the doctor who described her daughter’s sexual condition as a disease, and will ask that said information be removed from her clinical history for “vexatious “. A complaint to which he has joined Galactyco, the LGTBI collective of Cartagena to which the victim went in the first instance to find out what steps he could take.

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Santi, who is also a health worker, points out to this medium that when she commented with colleagues about the situation her daughter had had to face, they made references to the doctor in question due to the various similar complaints that had been made to her. The mother regrets not having been able to accompany her daughter that day: “She is of legal age but when you go to the gynecologist it always gives a little more respect to go”.

The young woman, who came for a proiomenorrhea (a disorder of the menstrual cycle that shortens the intervals between periods), had difficulties to be diagnosed and left the consultation crying. “He asked him if he could put that he was homosexual in the report,” says Santi, a request that surprised his daughter and which she agreed to because she believed at the time that it was relevant information, because the doctor had had difficulties at the time. inserting the ultrasound into your vagina.

From Galactyco they indicate that they have sent letters to the Ministry and the SMS demanding immediate rectification and apologies to the patient, as well as the application of Law 8/2016 of May 27, on social equality of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transsexuals , transgender and intersex, which in health matters, commits the Government of Murcia to guarantee respectful treatment of LGTBI people and that health professionals have adequate training and information on homosexuality, bisexuality, transsexuality and intersexuality.

“It was in 1990 when the World Health Organization removed homosexuality from the list of mental illnesses, and yet 31 years later, in the Murcian Health System some professionals continue to assume sexual orientation as a disease,” they denounce from the collective LGTBI. Galactyco assures that there are already “numerous cases of humiliating treatment that come to our Association due to sexual or gender orientation, and we consider alarming, unacceptable and intolerable that to date the professionals on whom an adequate treatment of our health depends ignore the realities of LGTBI people “.

From the Murcian Health Service they already have evidence of the event and indicate that “all the necessary measures will be adopted for the detailed knowledge of the facts and the consequent adoption of the appropriate measures.” They also point out that “without prejudice to the formal resolution of their claim, in a first investigation it appears to be an error when registering the patient.” In any case, from the SMS they assure that from the Reina Sofía hospital the apologies will be transferred to the patient.

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