Monday, August 2

A historic house in Nocito, in Huesca, becomes a mountain refuge to revitalize the municipality

The old Lardiés de Nocito (Huesca) house will be converted into a multipurpose room that can be used by mountaineers, neighbors or visitors. The property is in the process of rehabilitation and it is an initiative to revitalize this town that became uninhabited and now has 16 registered people.

Nocito is one of the neuralgic centers of hiking and mountain sports in the Sierra de Guara, and from here hundreds of mountaineers, runners and tourists depart every year to carry out the different routes and options that its environment offers.

Its mayor, Guillermo Palacín, remembers “the dignity and honesty” of the family that kept this house open even though the town had been almost uninhabited “and thanks to which we can be talking today about the rehabilitation of a historic building for Nocito.”

For the president of the Peña de Guara, Manolo Bara, the multipurpose space and the Nocito refuge represent “achieving a dream” that has lasted for more than 50 years. Remember that already in the 70s the members of the club “came to enjoy these places as the first mountaineers who came to the area, and the family that then lived in Casa Lardiés welcomed us, fed us and gave us shelter. And that is precisely the spirit we want to maintain. ”

The new facilities, he indicated, will serve “not to live in the past but in the future”, and explains that they will be “a meeting point for schoolchildren, families, tourists, mountaineers, walkers or cyclists.”

The vice president of DPH, Elisa Sancho, explains that these facilities will serve to revitalize the daily life of the residents of Nocito and have valued the public-private collaboration “thanks to which new spaces are created for meetings in rural areas , where interpersonal relationships are more important if possible “.

These works will have an investment of more than 386,000 euros, of which almost 310,000 are contributed by the provincial institution. The rest is financed by the Nueno City Council, which also pays for part of the rehabilitation works at Casa Lardiés.

Prames is the promoter of the Casa Lardiés rehabilitation project. Its coordinator, Félix Arjona, says that the building was very dilapidated and, in addition to cleaning up, “the challenge of modernity had to be applied, mainly in construction methods.” Despite this, the old structure of the building will be preserved and the rehabilitation will be done with the materials that have been used.

In this case, the total budget for the project is 804,568 euros, of which 172,770 are contributed by the City of Nueno, another 100,000 come from LEADER grants through Adesho, and the rest are provided by Peña Guara.

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