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A historic weekend for esports: ‘League of Legends’ and ‘Counter-Strike’ finals break audience records

The esports industry has experienced a historic weekend, with two of the biggest events in the world within video game competitions. The 2021 PGL Major and the 2021 Worlds, the two great CS: GO and LOL finals. Two events that have coincided in time and have been held in several Nordic countries, the first of them in Stockholm and the second in Reykjavík. And both the ‘Counter-Strike’ and ‘League of Legends’ finals have achieved never-before-seen ratings, breaking viewer records and becoming two of the most-watched esports events of all time.

The numbers are impressive and show the good health of esports, with figures that rival what big games of football or other traditional sports achieve. This is what he has given of himself this weekend at the audience level.

More than 4 million viewers watching Worlds 2021

The eleventh edition of the ‘World Championship for League of Legends’, better known simply as Worlds 2021, has gathered more than 4 million simultaneous viewers and in total has more than 174 million hours seen since its start in early October.

They are the overwhelming data shared by Esports Charts, which reflects an average of 1.3 million viewers and a peak of 4,018,728 spectators during the final between EDward Gaming and DWG KIA.

The Riot Games game continues to have a sweet time, and the battle between the Chinese and Korean team has drawn an unprecedented crowd. Impressive audience figures that also could be higher if we take into account that viewers are not added from Chinese platformsas they do not offer figures.

The Korean team DWG Kia was the big favorite, but finally EDward Gaming took the victory after coming back. This has led to the victory being celebrated in style from the streets of China, to such an extent that Nicolo Laurent, CEO of Riot Games, published on his personal Twitter account about it.

Worlds 2021 has become the most watched LOL tournament in history, slightly surpassing the 2019 edition that in its semifinals between G2 and T1 had touched four million spectators.

If we look at Twitch only, as described ECharts, the finals have turned League of Legends in the most popular category with 3.08 million simultaneous viewers. This has allowed to surpass the previous record held by the Special Events category, which in the summer of 2020 was positioned as # 1 during the PlayStation 5 presentation event with 3.06 million viewers.

And the final of CS: GO with 2.5 million


Image: PGL

The final between Natus Vincere and G2 Esports has also become quite an event, with 2.5 million simultaneous viewers according to Esports Charts data.

The PGL Major Stockholm 2021 is already the most watched ‘Counter-Strike’ tournament of all time and the final that Na’Vi won clearly surpassed the 1.3 million simultaneous viewers of the 2017 Eleague Major final. Almost twice as many people have watched the CS: GO final than they did in the previous record. If we go to Twitch, the CS: GO final has attracted 1.9 million viewers.

Image | LOL Sports

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