Friday, September 24

A hospital in Logroño mistakenly changed two babies in 2002

In 2002, two babies were exchanged in a public hospital in Logroño due to a “human failure”, according to the Ministry of Health. 19 years later, one of them has denounced that this exchange caused her to end up in an unstructured family that was not her own, as detailed by the newspaper La Rioja. The injured party claims up to three million euros for the damages suffered. At the moment, there is no record of a second complaint from the other victim.

The two affected were born on the same day five hours apart at the San Millán hospital in Logroño. From there, they were transferred to the incubator area, where the alleged failure occurred that caused the two little girls to live a totally different life with families that were not their own.

One of them ended up in a structured family and the complainant ended up being raised by her alleged grandmother. In fact, they became suspicious when her mother denounced her father for not taking care of her. After the DNA tests that resulted from the dispute, they discovered that neither of them had a genetic relationship with the teenager.

When the young woman turned 16 years old, she asked to know who she was and the investigations of the Ministry of Health concluded that there was only one baby with whom she could have been exchanged. Now he is waiting for DNA tests to confirm it. According to her lawyer, the two affected have not yet been in contact.

The Community Health Councilor, Sara Alba, has pointed out that it is “a human error” and that it has not been possible to conclude who was responsible. “It is a case that occurred two decades ago and was prosecuted during the last legislature,” he explained. His team “is committed to resolving the requested property claim by following the corresponding procedures,” he added. The proposed resolution, however, is for 215,000 euros in compensation compared to the three million that the complainant is requesting.

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