Monday, October 18

A “human error” in the OVH supplier causes failures in thousands of websites around the world

The French web hosting and cloud computing provider OVH suffered an interruption in its services during the morning of this Wednesday that has left thousands of European websites inaccessible. The company, one of the most important in the sector and a leader in Europe, has justified that the incident was a “human error” that occurred shortly after 9:10 am, during a process of updating its systems. The failure that has caused the fall of its clients’ websites has been detected and corrected approximately one hour later, although those affected continue to report problems.

OVH President Octave Klaba explained that the update was intended to increase the resistance of his network against denial of service attacks, also called DDoS. These offensives are based on saturating the servers with false traffic to prevent access by other users. “In the last few days, the intensity of DDoS attacks has increased a lot. We have decided to increase our DDoS processing capacity by adding a new infrastructure in our DC VH (US-EST) [uno de los centros de datos de la compañía ubicado en EEUU]”He wrote on Twitter:” A router configuration error caused the network to fail. ”

Some affected by the fall of OVH have questioned the moment chosen to carry out the update, in the middle of the rush hour in the working hours of European companies, which represent the bulk of their customers. The multinational has dedicated servers in 140 countries around the world and offers hosting services, cloud computing, domain registration, telephony and internet access. A failure in your network can lead to a cascading effect like the one that occurred this Wednesday.

The incident occurred just one day before the French multinational opened a capital increase in which it expects to raise around 400 million euros to compete with Amazon (the cloud leader with a market share of more than 30%) and finance your international expansion, as Bloomberg collects. “We are currently carrying out a verification campaign with our clients to confirm that all their services have been restored,” the multinational said in a statement: “We sincerely apologize to all our affected clients and we will be very transparent about the causes and consequences. of this incident. ”

OVH already suffered another serious accident in 2021, when one of its data centers in Strasbourg caught fire during the early morning of March 10. These infrastructures are multi-story buildings where servers are installed that store the information that sustains the Internet. These servers must remain in special conditions, especially regarding their temperature. The fire destroyed the entire building and caused the loss of data for many companies.

This drop that has affected the global network occurs just a week after the one that affected Facebook, which also suffered a worldwide disconnection of its services (which include WhatsApp or Instagram) derived from human error.

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