Monday, December 4

A hundred demonstrators launch slogans against NATO and Zelensky in an uneventful protest in Madrid

A hundred protesters have supported this Wednesday afternoon the demonstration called by the Anti-Repressive Movement in the Plaza de Tirso de Molina, in the center of Madrid, where slogans have been launched against NATO and the president of Ukraine, Volodímir Zelenski. The protest has been carried out without incident under the surveillance of a large police device.

After 8:00 p.m., the protesters unfurled a banner that read ‘Criminal NATO, complicit government!’, then chanted slogans in which they described the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, as a murderer, and called Zelenski “ fucking Nazi.” There have also been mentions of the death of migrants at the Melilla fence, blaming it on the Atlantic Alliance chanting “in Melilla, NATO kills.”

Likewise, another of the main messages that have been launched during the hour and a half that the demonstration has lasted has been directed against the “budget for the war” in reference to the increase in defense spending and with direct criticism of all political groups. : “From Podemos to PP, it’s the same shit”, they have shouted.

Immediately afterwards, their songs have also focused on the Spanish press, with a large presence in the place, to whom they have shouted “manipulative Spanish press” to later chant “Madrid will be the tomb of fascism.”

It is a protest, within the framework of the NATO summit that is being held this Wednesday and Thursday in the capital, which has not been communicated to the Government Delegation. The government body banned another similar protest for security reasons, because it intended to run near the Prado Museum where international leaders dine.

In order to prevent possible incidents, a large police force has been deployed in the Plaza de Tirso de Molina since this afternoon. The agents have had the air support of the National Police helicopter, two drones that have flown over the sky during the celebration of the demonstration and with agents of the Police Intervention Unit (UIP) present in the area until the recent demonstration concluded. before 9:30 p.m.

At the end of the congregation, which has broken up without incident and at the will of the protesters, numerous police officers have cordoned off all the access streets to the Tirso de Molina square and even the subway entrances for precautionary reasons.

Already after 10:00 p.m., the units of the IPU, the press and other passers-by have withdrawn from the area and the workers of the bars and restaurants in the square have been able to return the tables to their terraces that they had had to remove for reasons security at the beginning of the demonstration.