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A hundred people sing Cara al Sol and pay homage to Primo de Rivera in the center of Madrid

Around a hundred people have gathered this Saturday at the confluence of Génova and Marqués de la Ensenada streets, in Madrid, in front of the birthplace of José Antonio Primo de Rivera in a demonstration in which fascist salutes have been made, ‘Cara al Sol’ has been sung and the founder of the Falange has been honored. This is one of the events that will take place this weekend in the capital for the anniversary of the death of Primo de Rivera and the dictator Francisco Franco.

The Government Delegation in Madrid reminded the conveners that they have to comply with the recently approved Democratic Memory Law and, if this is not the case, the illegal actions that take place will be reported and will be prosecuted by the Prosecutor’s Office.

Before the 9:00 p.m. demonstration, there was a mass in the church of Santa Bárbara, where Primo de Rivera was baptized. During the ceremony in the church, there have hardly been any mentions or elements that would suggest that it was a commemoration in honor of the founder of the Falange. The priest mentioned the names “Francisco” and “José Antonio”, without surnames, during the blessing of the Eucharist.

“Isn’t Cara al Sol sung here?” asked a man. “Before, yes, this year they are already causing us problems,” replied another. However, after a few seconds, encouraged by those present, a group in blue shirts began to sing the song with their arms raised.

Before the beginning of the act in the street of Genoa they have recalled the rules “to avoid problems”. “You have to be smart, what they want is to fine and arrest, you know that,” said an organizer from the stage. “The Falangists are going to be on the streets always, no matter what there is. We have never belittled any victim, ”he said. Far-right groups from France, Germany and Italy have also participated in the rally, posing together for photos for the media

Government delegation authorized the acts

Government Delegation sources told Europa Press that there is no place to prohibit any demonstration based on the right of assembly and demonstration protected by Title I of Fundamental Rights of the Spanish Constitution, a decision supported by a report from the Lawyers.

Specifically, this institutional body cites article 38 of the new law, which states that, without prejudice to the right of assembly, “acts contrary to democratic memory will be considered acts carried out in public that discredit, disparage or humiliate the victims or their relatives, and imply personal or collective exaltation, of the military uprising, of the War or of the Dictatorship, of its leaders, participants in the repressive system or of the organizations that supported the dictatorial regime”.

In addition, in the cases in which the communicated call is going to take place in the proximity of the areas included in the grave maps, the places of democratic memory, as well as the monuments or similar elements erected in memory and recognition of the victims, “The town councils will report on this point for the purposes of the provisions of article 9.2 of Organic Law 9/1983, of July 15”.

La Falange and FE de las Jons, organizers of the event this Saturday that illustrates this news, informed the Government Delegation that “they will be in charge of taking the necessary measures to comply with the provisions of article 61 and 62 of the Law of Democratic Memory , which states that “the natural or legal persons who intentionally or negligently carry out the actions or omissions constituting an infringement will be responsible as perpetrators” in accordance with the aforementioned articles.

In turn, the Spanish Catholic Movement has called and communicated a rally in the Plaza de Oriente in Madrid, specifically in the landscaped pedestrian area in front of the Teatro Real, this Sunday, November 20, starting at 1:00 p.m. “in protest against the Law of Democratic Memory” and invite to attend the Holy Mass in the Cuelgamuros Valley at 11 a.m. Their attendance forecast is 200 people, they have indicated to the Government Delegation.

anti-fascist demonstrations

A rally will also take place this Sunday in front of the Cuelgamuros Valley gate convened by the Forum for the Memory of the Community of Madrid, the Social Forum of the Sierra de Guadarrama and La Comuna (Prisoners of Francoism) from 12 to 1:30 p.m. hours in which they request the right to exhumation of republicans, expulsion of the Benedictines from the basilica, conversion of the site into an anti-fascist memorial and demolition of the cross. The motto sent to the Government Delegation is “Truth, Justice and Reparation, against the impunity of Francoism”.

In a statement, the conveners have criticized the fact that the Government Delegation allows the Falangist march to the Valley, taking into account that last year “the members of the (fascist) march attacked young people next to a nightclub with taser weapons without the Civil Guard I did nothing to stop them.”

“Not only should it be considered dangerous and, therefore, prohibited, but the exaltation of fascism that these small groups carry out and promote is currently prohibited. We ask ourselves what are the real measures that the Government of Spain is going to take -it has already become clear to us that the Community of Madrid and the City Council of San Lorenzo de El Escorial will not do anything- to ensure that the law is complied with. Beginning with the prohibition of that march and continuing with all those matters that encompass this Valley and justice for those who suffered reprisals from such a tremendous absolute dictatorship”, they have asserted.

The memorial entities also claim the exhumation of the remains of the thousands of Republicans who were transferred here without authorization from their families, who now claim their remains. They recall that the complaint for prevarication by the mayoress of San Lorenzo “for preventing the recovery of the remains of the Republicans” has been admitted for processing.

These groups are also totally against the draft Law of Cultural Heritage of the Community of Madrid, pending in the Assembly thanks to the votes yesterday of the PP and Vox, which could shield the Valley of Cuelgamuros against the Law of Democratic Memory when remarking that he is defending “the religious symbols” of the region, “those of all”.

For its part, the Antifascist Coordinator of Madrid has called various events around 20N. On Saturday afternoon they will demonstrate through the streets of Fuenlabrada, starting at 7:00 p.m. from the Europa park. They have also organized a route through the Old Cemetery of Colmenar Viejo on Sunday morning to see the first exhumation of mass graves in the region, with a subsequent talk on historical memory.

The Government Delegation in Madrid has coordinated the timely, proportional and adequate police device to avoid incidents in any of these acts, the same sources have indicated.

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