Monday, June 5

A judge charges the ‘number 3’ of the PP of Ceuta for documentary falsehood

The judge of First Instance and Instruction number 3 of Ceuta has decided to summon the current Minister of Finance of the regional Executive and ‘number 3’ on the list with which the PP attends the elections next Sunday, Kissy Chandiramani (PP). The policy was denounced less than a month ago by her former party partner Susana Román, who accuses her of lying and falsifying the investigation of the ‘Emvicesa case’, the largest macro-cause of corruption in the history of the autonomous city.

In an order to whose full content has had access, the magistrate who has declared himself competent to investigate the facts after passing through the hands of two other judges, has concluded that the complaint by Román, former Minister of Public Works, “presents characteristics that presume the possible existence” of some illegal act, for which reason it has decided to carry out the essential procedures “aimed at determining the nature and circumstances” beginning with the taking of a statement from Chandiramani as being investigated on June 15.

Román, who left the Government of Ceuta in February 2017 after his arrest for his alleged involvement in a plot of irregular awarding of subsidized housing, has denounced that Chandiramani, then manager of the public company Emvicesa, would have provided “data and documents”, as well as statements, which would incur in “evidence of falsehood of vital importance” that in turn would have substantially influenced the investigation of the case that will come to trial in October, for which the Prosecutor’s Office requests 11 years in prison for her.

Among other things, the former counselor considers that she identified in a “mendacious” way the members of the Local Housing Commission (CLV) between 2011 and 2015, that she attributed to said body an “exclusive” power of adjudication that it did not have, which she called of “essential” to make a scale of applications despite the fact that there were regulated alternatives and that the proven existence of commitments inherited from previous promotions was obviated.

In statements to journalists after hearing Román’s complaint “exclusively through the media”, Chandiramani explained that he limited himself to “providing all the documentation that was required by the judicial authority” and that his collaboration “was, as It couldn’t be any other way, absolutely loyal taking into account, moreover, that the facts that are prosecuted occurred before she was appointed manager of Emvicesa”.

The policy has also pointed out that “with the control that the municipal company was at that time throughout the world, given that there was a great social alarm, it would have been very unintelligent on my part to try to falsify a document with I don’t know what objective”. “I have a very clear conscience and all the disposition to continue collaborating with justice as up to now,” she asserted.

Section VI of the Provincial Court of Cádiz based in Ceuta will sit on the bench after the summer more than 50 former politicians, public employees, recruiters of ‘clients’ and payers accused of being linked in one way or another to a trap for ” adjudicate housing from public promotions outside the legally established procedure in exchange for certain amounts of money and without assessing the necessary requirements for its adjudication or doing so in a tortious manner”.

The Prosecutor’s Office requests a total of 280 years in prison for all the defendants, 26 only for the former regional deputy of the PP Antonio López, arrested on February 14, 2017 in Marbella and designated as the “leader” of the “criminal organization” that also ended with the political career of the then Minister of Social Services, Rabea Mohamed, who left her position together with Román after being arrested by the National Police.

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