Saturday, September 25

A judge in Barcelona allows a minor to start the course without a mask because it causes vomiting and headaches

A judge in Barcelona has authorized a minor to start the school year next Monday without a mask due to the vomiting and headaches it causes, backed by medical certificates. The very precautionary measure had been requested by the child’s parents. Now the judge has asked the Prosecutor’s Office and the Generalitat to report on whether to keep it.

In a car, the magistrate, after analyzing the medical reports, allows an exception for this minor for the beginning of the school year, in which the mask will once again be mandatory for the students, who will return to the classrooms in full presence. Mask use, hand hygiene, and ventilation will remain in effect.

The judge considers it proven that the use of the mask “can cause damage from a medical point of view” in the minor, so their health is “at stake”. In the medical reports provided by the family, it is detailed that, due to the use of the masks, the child suffers from severe headaches, vomiting and neurovegetative disorders.

The magistrate also remarks that the regulations against COVID-19 establish that the mandatory nature of masks is not required of people who have some type of disease or respiratory difficulty that may be aggravated by their use.

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