Tuesday, March 21

A judge investigates six charges and Equality technicians for the case of the abuse of Oltra’s ex-husband to a minor

The Court of Instruction number 15 of Valencia investigates six people with different positions in the Ministry of Equality for allegedly covering up the sexual abuse suffered in a center by a minor under guardianship at the hands of an educator, the ex-husband of the vice president of the Consell and holder of the Ministry, Mónica Oltra, between 2016 and 2017.

Along with these six public charges, two more people are being investigated in the procedure: the director and a psychologist of the juvenile reception center where the events occurred, for which the educator was sentenced to five years in prison by the Valencia Court , ratified by the Superior Court of Justice of the Valencian Community (TSJCV).

The six public officials charged are the territorial directors of the Ministry in Valencia and Castellón at the time the events occurred; a psychologist and the head of the Minor section of the Conselleria; an official of this department who instructed a reserved information about the abuses; and a psychologist from the Department of Psychological Care for Minors Victims of Sexual Abuse.

The subpoenas, which have advanced this Tuesday The Provinceswill take place on February 28 and March 2 and 3 from 5:00 p.m. in the City of Justice of Valencia.

This case arises from a complaint filed in May 2021 by the protected minor victim of abuse, –currently of legal age and represented by José Luis Roberto, leader of the Spain 2000 ultra party–, against four members of the Ministry. A month later, the Gobierna-Te association, chaired by the co-founder of Vox and former member of the Cristina Seguí formation, filed a complaint against Oltra and eight other people related to the same events. Both procedures have been accumulated in a single case and are currently processed in Court number 15.

In relation to Oltra’s situation and the association’s request that it be investigated, the court understands that at this point in the investigation it is not pertinent and affirms that only if objective elements appear during the course of the investigation that could justify the possible imputation of an aforado, is when the judge would submit the corresponding reasoned statement to the competent Chamber (of the TSJCV).

“This Chamber would already decide if, in its case, it would continue the corresponding criminal proceedings against the appraised exclusively or together with it against all or part of the rest of the investigated”, as stated in the car consulted by Europa Press.

The judge points out that the fact that the regulated Mónica Oltra has publicly stated that she is aware of the existence of a procedure and has ordered that she be kept informed cannot be understood sufficiently to affirm that, at the same time, she ordered actions to be carried out with the object to cover up facts to the detriment of the victim.

Conviction ratified by the TSJCV

Oltra’s ex-husband was sentenced in the first instance to five years in prison for sexually abusing the minor under guardianship, a resolution that was later confirmed by the TSJCV.

The victim was a minor, protected by the Generalitat Valenciana and housed in a center in Valencia, and the events took place between 2016 and 2017, when the teenager was 14 years old, inside the premises itself.

The educator was tried twice. In a first, in November 2019, in which he was already convicted of the abuse. On this occasion, the TSJCV ordered a repeat trial for the practice of a series of tests.

In the new hearing, the prosecutor added an aggravating circumstance of prevalence. And the Court condemned him again. The court considered it proven that the minor, born in May 2002 and in a situation of abandonment, was housed in a center in Valencia where the defendant worked as an educator who, when he was on night shift, went to the adolescent’s room in the times when she was grounded for misbehavior and massaged her neck so she could fall asleep. On between two and ten occasions, and thinking that he was asleep, he took her hand and masturbated with her.