Wednesday, September 28

A judge investigates the doctor of Juan Carlos I and the Mexican millionaire who financed the monarch for fraud against the Treasury

The Investigating Court 29 of Barcelona investigates the doctor of King Emeritus Juan Carlos I and two other people for an alleged fraud to the Treasury of 604,690 euros between 2016 and 2018. The investigation is based on a complaint from the Prosecutor’s Office, to which he has had access Europa Press, which is directed against the doctor Manuel Sánchez, as the alleged perpetrator, and against his wife and the millionaire Allen Sanginés-Krause, a friend of Juan Carlos I, as alleged collaborators.

The complaint attributes the alleged fraud to Sánchez’s personal income tax returns in 2016, 2017 and 2018, and the prosecutor believes that the income reflected in those returns is “only a minimal part of what he actually received” during those three years. He affirms that the doctor “hid in successive years the obtaining of income” equivalent to 500,000 euros in 2016, 500,000 euros more in 2017 and another 300,000 euros in 2018, which were payments related to his work as a prestigious doctor.

The public accusation maintains that Sánchez used a “fraud strategy that consisted of camouflaging the rents as capital increases” of the company that manages his clinic – of which he was the sole partner and that his wife managed – subscribed by the Sanginés company -Krause. This Mexican businessman is the financer of the expenses of the monarch Juan Carlos I in black money using a colonel of the Spanish Army, former assistant to the king emeritus, as a bridge.

In total, the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office detected 516,000 euros that came out of the pockets of the Mexican businessman Allen Sanginés-Krause addressed to Juan Carlos I and that were never declared to the Treasury. The Prosecutor’s Office, however, filed the investigations due to the inviolability that protected the monarch before 2014 or because the alleged crimes had prescribed.

The alleged fraud with the clinic

The company behind the medical clinic of the now investigated was established in 2014 with a share capital of 3,010 euros contributed by his wife, but in 2016 she sold all the shares to Sánchez, who then became the sole partner of the company.

The indictment indicates that the same day the woman sold her shares, the company received 245,000 euros from the Sanginés-Krause company, “an operation that was not covered by any written contract.”

The prosecutor emphasizes that these capital increases were not real but simulated and considers that for the alleged fraud the collaboration of the doctor’s wife and Sanginés-Krause was “essential”.

The Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) has detailed that it received the complaint in March and that two of the three investigated have already testified before the judge instructing the case.

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