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A judge orders Dalas Review to compensate his ex-father-in-law, delete several videos and read the sentence on his channel

A court in Barcelona has sentenced the youtuber Daniel Santomé, known as ‘Dalas Review’, to compensate the father of his ex-partner, the influencer Miare, with 12,000 euros. The sentence, to which has had access, explains that Dalas unjustifiably insulted the young woman’s father by calling him an “abuser” or “shitty aggressor” and, in addition to compensation, adapts the sentence to his channel YouTube where he has more than ten million followers: he must delete the nine videos where he insulted him and must publish up to four videos reading his conviction “with his narration at the same volume and speed” that he used to insult his ex-partner’s father.

The Prosecutor’s Office requests 5 years in prison for the ‘youtuber’ Dalas Review for sexual abuse of a minor


Daniel Santomé began his career as a youtuber more than a decade ago, first focusing on content related to video games and in recent years confronting other influencers, public controversies and reactions to other people’s videos. He acquired an international dimension when he participated in the launch of a video game called Fur Fun that had to be removed from the Steam platform for its poor quality. He was also accused of sexual abuse by a minor follower, a judicial process in which he was acquitted without the Prosecutor’s Office, which had requested five years in prison for him, appeal the exoneration.

In his personal facet, the youtuber has also starred in a public confrontation for years with his ex-partner, the streamer María Rubio, known as Miare’s Project, and one of the multiple clashes has been the dog Argos, which both had in common and that Justice ordered to return the young man. In this context, Dalas Review published a series of videos in which he directly insulted his ex-partner’s father and which now costs him a sentence of 12,000 euros for violating his honor and image, in a lawsuit in which the plaintiff has been represented by attorney David Bravo.

The father of the young streamer denounced Dalas Review for a total of nine videos posted on his channel, where he has more than ten million followers, in which he referred to the plaintiff as “abusive, fucking aggressor, sick coward who is wrong head”, referred to them as a “family of criminals” and stated, among other things, that “he likes to hit defenseless women in the street”, alluding to an incident involving the dog.

Investigating court number five in Barcelona decides to sentence him for violating both the honor and the image of the father of Miare’s Project. The “social relevance” of the youtuber, followed by “thousands of adolescents”, gives importance to some insults that, according to this sentence, are not protected by freedom of expression. “We cannot say in this case that it is a mere rise in tone in the conflict between the parties, since as the lawyer for the plaintiff indicates, it is not a video, but nine, uploaded to networks to over time,” says the ruling.

The resolution, still appealable, emphasizes the use of the word “abuser” to refer to the plaintiff. “In the 21st century, and with the effort made by the public administrations in terms of violence against women, they cannot be used in a spurious way, making excuses for an alleged anger or heat of the moment,” explains the sentence. The magistrate harshly reproaches the youtuber: “It is difficult to understand that no one with average intelligence can think that with the excuse of freedom of expression, all this series of insults can be manifested without the recipient not feeling attacked and that the system don’t react.”

The result is a financial sentence for Dalas Review, still appealable before the Barcelona Court and later before the Supreme Court. A compensation of 12,000 euros for the father of his ex-partner for violating his image and her honor, in addition to the obligation to delete a total of 11 videos, most of which he poured insults. But he must also read this sentence “once a week for a month with the same tone” for a month and keep those videos on his channel for half a year.

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