Wednesday, May 25

A judge paralyzes the works prior to the removal of the 45-meter Francoist monument in Tortosa

The magistrate of the Contentious-Administrative Court 2 of Tarragona has ordered the paralysis of the previous works to remove the Francoist monument from the Ebro river in Tortosa (Tarragona). It has done so at the request of the Corembe collective, the citizen group that claims to reinterpret the monolith instead of its removal and that had appealed to the same instance the municipal building license, reports the ACN.

The entity demanded very precautionary measures as a result of the statements of the Minister of Justice, Lourdes Ciuró, announcing a possible advancement of the works and the presence of machines working on the river bank this Monday. The judge has made the work stoppage effective immediately while resolving the precautionary measures requested in the appeal against the license over the next few days.

The Francoist Tortosa monument, 45 meters high, was installed in 1966. The removal plan foresees installing a 36 meter high scaffolding around the monument, which will be raised from the base of the pedestal. The operators will then segment the work into pieces, from top to bottom. They will do it with the oxyfuel method, which consists of sectioning the iron at a temperature of 800 degrees, with a mixture of oxygen and propane gas applied at high pressure. The scaffold will be dismantled as the two iron pyramids lose height.