Saturday, September 25

A judge re-authorizes ozone treatment for a COVID patient, this time in a Catalan hospital

A Barcelona court has authorized the application of a therapy without scientific basis with ozone to a patient sick with COVID and admitted to a Barcelona hospital, as reported by the Generalitat in a statement and sources from the court have confirmed. The Health Department has announced that it is preparing an appeal against the judicial decision because it goes against the criteria of the medical team that treats the patient. It was the family, according to Salut, who claimed this therapy, which was rejected by the health workers and has now been endorsed in a precautionary manner by a judge.

In the order, the magistrate assures that the patient’s family has presented “medical reports and studies that maintain that ozone therapy is a viable alternative to try to save the life of the patient, since, according to the documentation provided, ozone therapy is being applying in other hospitals in Spain, and in other countries giving very good results “. It also ensures that this measure is authorized because “the right to life of a person is at stake, with no damage or damage to general interests.”

Salut has issued a statement in which it avoids giving details about the patient, the hospital in which he is admitted or the court that has made the decision, but in which they regret the situation. Ozone “is not authorized as a medicine by the regulatory agencies”, they explain, “and its use is not contemplated in the action protocols of the Catalan Health Service, based on scientific evidence”.

In the same sense, they warn that this therapy “may have side effects such as irritation due to inhalation or respiratory distress, cough and phlebitis if the administration is intravenous.” “Also,” the statement continues, “it has been indicated that it is dangerous to administer ozone to pregnant women and in patients with hypothyroidism or glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency.” Salut also recalls that the Spanish Medicines Agency (AEMPS) has already spoken out against this therapy.

For all these reasons, the Health Department rejects the use of ozone and considers it an interference on the clinical evaluations of professionals. The legal teams of the Generalitat are working to “immediately” file allegations against this decision.

The case of this Catalan hospital is the second in a few weeks in which the application of ozone is authorized for a patient due to COVID, after a court did the same for a patient at the Hospital de La Plana (Castellón). Both the health personnel of the center and the College of Physicians, the Generalitat Valenciana and professional groups took a position against this resolution, which they described as interference and aggression against the health system.