Wednesday, July 6

A judge reopens the investigation into a second mask scam at the Madrid City Council

A court has reopened the case that investigated the alleged scam of a mask supplier to the Madrid City Council. After the identification of the intermediary of the operation, the court reopens the proceedings that had been archived due to the lack of a known perpetrator.

This possible scam was reflected in a report from the Madrid Municipal Police included in the summary of the mask case against businessmen Luis Medina and Alberto LuceƱo. A report that pointed to an American commission agent, Phillippe Haim Solomon, who was involved in the sale of a million masks for 2.5 million euros. The agents detected possible crimes against industrial property, fraud and against consumer rights.

“Both the manufacturers and the importer have offered the masks making indications that do not correspond to them, having generated serious damage both to the Administration and finally to the end users,” said that report. That is, the City Council bought other masks other than the ones it had requested under deception.

Now Court 3 of the capital has reopened this investigation after having identified the alleged commission agent.