Tuesday, February 27

A judge stops the felling of the centennial ficus of Seville when only the trunk remains

The contentious-administrative court number 9 of Seville has issued this Thursday an order in which it declares the “appropriateness of the urgent measure of precautionary suspension” of the license granted by the Seville City Council for the felling of the centennial ficus of the parish of San Jacinto, in Triana. Likewise, it requires the work to be stopped “immediately” “while the substance of the dispute is resolved”, “the administration must provide the necessary measures to avoid damage to people or property that could occur as a result of the stoppage of these logging works. ”. The local government has transmitted “immediately” the order to stop the felling to the order of the Dominicans, owner of the tree and promoter of its felling, although the judicial decision has come when all its branches have already been removed from the ficus and only the trunk remains.

The neighborhood mobilization does not prevent the felling of a centenary tree in Seville

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The judicial order is dated this Thursday, August 18, after the same court ruled this past Wednesday to enable the month of August for the processing of the appeal filed by the Andalusian Gardening Multisectoral Association (AMJA) for the logging license to be suspended “until a study is carried out by experts in the field, taking the corresponding security measures to guarantee the safety of passers-by.”

“The note of urgency concurs in the present case”, indicates the order of the judge, which grants the administration a period of three days to allege what “it deems appropriate on the advisability of maintaining or lifting the suspension measure agreed in the present car”. Against this, there is no appeal.

The works for the felling of the ficus started last Tuesday, August 16, it was scheduled to end next Monday and are carried out by the parish of San Jacinto, as it owns the specimen because it is located on its land. The license granted by the Urban Planning Department, upon request of the parish priest, with a favorable report from the Board’s Heritage Commission, was approved on May 31, 2022 and, since then and to date, no appeal had been filed. some.

The environmental and neighborhood entities that are fighting to stop the felling of the tree have denounced that, once it became known that a complaint had been filed with the judge in this case, the work lasted this Wednesday until midnight, in what they consider a attempt to make any judicial resolution useless. In fact, they point out that the poor visibility at nightfall could be behind the incident that occurred with the last arm of the ficus, which collapsed and turned.