Friday, July 1

A judge suspends bullfights in the plaza of Mexico City due to a complaint of animal abuse

A judge has ordered this Friday the definitive suspension of bullfighting in Plaza México, the largest in the world, at least during the time of the trial that will determine the definitive prohibition or not of bullfighting in the Benito Juárez mayor’s office. From Mexico City. This could last between six months and a year.

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Two weeks ago, the NGO called Justicia Justa took the petition to ban bullfights in Plaza México to a federal court, claiming that the Mexican federal Constitution prohibits animal abuse. In addition, it demanded the precautionary suspension of the bullfighting festivities while the final resolution is determined, which prospered and was ratified after Judge Rosa Iliana Noriega presented an appeal to suspend a precautionary prohibition, considering that the judge “was ahead of his criteria and did not he acted with balance by suspending the bullfights”.

Two of the three magistrates of the Twenty-Second Collegiate Court in Administrative Matters concluded that the precautionary suspension is appropriate since the measure privileges the right to a healthy environment.

Regarding this consideration, Cristian Daniel Ávila, a lawyer for Bullfighting Mexicana, has pointed out that a “healthy environment” and the individual right to culture are opposed, since animal abuse is determined by their different nature. “A fighting bull is not the same as a pet, so abuse does not mean the same in all species,” he told EFE.

In the next 10 days, Plaza México may challenge the granting of the suspension before the Collegiate Circuit Court, which will analyze whether the granting of the suspension was carried out in accordance with law and if it considers that it was not, the suspension will be revoked and it will be allowed continue to celebrate bullfights.

In a statement released on its Twitter account, Plaza México has indicated that “the company will defer the celebration of scheduled bullfights and bullfights and will continue with the legal defense of Mexican customs and traditions, exhausting all legal instances within its reach, in favor of bullfighting.

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