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A judge who was a high position of the PP imputes Tezanos after a complaint from Vox

The Court of Instruction Number 29 of Madrid has summoned the president of the Center for Sociological Research (CIS), José Félix Tezanos, to testify as a defendant on October 29, at 12:30 p.m., following a complaint filed by Vox for an alleged crime of embezzlement of public funds. The head of that court, as has been able to confirm, is María Cristina Díaz, a judge who has held different high positions with the PP and who in the past had to refrain from investigating the origin of the exclusive of Cristina’s false master’s degree Cifuentes for the “friendship and affection” that, he argued, felt towards her.

The third judge investigating the origin of the exclusive of the Master case is inhibited by “friendship” with Cifuentes

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Díaz has also been General Director of Internal Policy in the Government of Mariano Rajoy and General Director of Justice and Security of the Community of Madrid with Cifuentes itself. His entire career outside the courts has been linked to the PP.

The judge has made the decision to impute Tezanos despite the fact that the Prosecutor’s Office asked a few weeks ago that the complaint be filed, considering that what is exposed “are mere suspicions, conjectures, which relate in an inappropriate way, the ineffectiveness in the conducting surveys with the fraudulent administration of the CIS institution “.

The complaint filed by the formation led by Santiago Abascal maintains that the operation of the CIS since Tezanos was appointed president in 2018 is “irregular.” He accuses him, among other things, of manipulating the way the polls are conducted to benefit the PSOE.

A past linked to the PP

The judge, now head of the court of instruction number 29 of Madrid, She was appointed in February 2012 General Director of Internal Policy in the Ministry of the Interior, shortly after the PP acceded to the Government after the November 2011 elections. He remained in that position until Cifuentes won the elections to the Community of Madrid in 2015.

In July of that year it passed to the regional government: “The complainant personally offered me a discretionary position given the degree of trust in me and the relationship we had,” the judge admits. That position was that of General Director of Security of the Community of Madrid.

Only a few months later, Cifuentes asked him to assume, in addition to Security, the General Directorate of Justice in Madrid. He did so, the magistrate maintains, “because of the relationship of friendship, respect and mutual trust” that both had. In February 2017, the judge adds, he returned to his position in the Government of Spain “for strictly personal reasons”, and remained in that position “until the change of Government with the motion of censure.”

Díaz was also a national spokesperson for the Professional Association of the Magistracy, the majority in the career and with a conservative tendency.

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