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A Junts deputy scolded a TV3 journalist for the questions of an interview with Laura Borràs

The scene that took place last Saturday, July 9, in the TV3 studios will not be easily forgotten by the public channel workers who witnessed it. After an interview on the program Preguntes Freqüents (Faqs) with Laura Borràs, and once she left the set, the Junts deputy Francesc de Dalmases grabbed a journalist from the program by the wrist, locked her in a room and scolded her for the content of the interview, which he considered uncomfortable and that he had breached the previous agreement of “not making a public trial” of Borràs, according to witnesses to the events. The President of the Parliament herself was present during the episode, which has been confirmed by up to four sources to

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According to people who were present, the events occurred just after the interview with the president on the nightly program, focused on the case in which the Prosecutor’s Office asks Borràs for six years in prison for dividing contracts to be able to award them by finger to his friend Isaías H. In the interview, in which there were some moments of tension, Borràs advocated suppressing the article of the Parliament’s regulations that would suspend her as a deputy once the judge opens an oral trial for corruption.

After the interview, Laura Borràs left the set and met the team that usually accompanies her, made up of her chief of staff, her press officer and Deputy Dalmases. It was he who, angry at seeing the journalist with whom he had arranged the interview, grabbed her by the wrist and led her into one of the guest rooms adjoining the set. Along with the two of them, Borràs and her entire team also entered, but they blocked the way for one of the journalist’s production partners, who stayed outside along with other members of the team.

What happened inside the room, as confirmed by several of those present, was a shouting match in which the deputy rebuked the journalist, accusing her of being a “bad professional” for having allowed certain questions to the program’s collaborators. Some of the channel’s workers recount how they heard screams and strong blows against objects from outside, without being able to identify whether she was hitting the furniture or the walls. Some of the phrases that were heard were insults against the journalist and against the space such as “this program is shit” or “you are a bad journalist”.

Francesc de Dalmases has been a deputy and vice president of Junts since last May, as well as one of Borràs’s closest collaborators, whom he usually accompanies in her political activity. Contacted by this means, Dalmases has refused to make any statement in this regard.

Junts sources consulted by downplay the episode and deny that there was aggressiveness. “What happened is a professional discussion between the president’s team and the program. In no case was there any aggressive behavior ”, they affirm from the party. The same is repeated from the president’s press team. Pep Elies, press officer and one of those present, affirms that what happened was “a civilized discussion, from a professional and normal point of view when an interview does not go as it is considered to go”. “When you argue you can raise your voice, but it cannot be said that it was a violent or aggressive discussion at all,” says the member of the Borràs team, who also denies that Dalmases grabbed the journalist by the wrist.

But the testimonies collected by this newspaper draw another scene. “I was very scared, my legs were shaking,” says a TV3 space worker who witnessed the events. As she explains, the screams became so loud that a program manager went to ask her to lower her voice because the noise was entering the microphones. “The degree of aggressiveness was very high,” she says, remembering that she was paralyzed: “On the one hand, I didn’t want to leave my partner alone, but on the other, I wanted to ask for help and didn’t know what to do.” Finally, this worker chose to send a whatsapp to the director of the program, who asked those present to stay close and intervene if they heard screams or blows again. According to the versions collected by this newspaper, everything happened in a period of time between 10 and 15 minutes.

Various members of the technical team witnessed the scene and heard the screams from outside the room where Borràs and his companions were with the journalist. Some of the guests and collaborators who attended the program that same night also found out what had happened. One of these people explains that, in a moment of publicity, she left the program and when she went to the backstage area she saw several workers still affected by what had happened, so she asked what had happened. “They told me that the Borràs team had been angry about the content of the interview and specifically about the questions that some of the collaborators had asked,” says one of the people who was present that night.

Laura Borràs herself had shown During the Interview his discomfort with some questions, both from the host of the space, Cris Puig, and from some of the collaborating journalists who attended the program that night. One of the moments of tension occurred after one of the program’s journalists summarized the facts for which Laura Borràs is accused of prevarication and falsehood in a commercial document for dividing contracts during her management of the Institució de les Lletres Catalanes to be able to give them to a friend. “I thought that she had come for an interview, not for an interrogation or a preliminary trial,” the president complained live.

The tension rose in temperature during the intervention of the journalist Carla Turró, who asked Borràs directly about the emails that incriminate her. “I will defend my innocence and I will not give credibility to the evidence of the Civil Guard”, assured the head of Junts, who launched a veiled accusation at the journalists of “not looking critically at everything that appears”. To finish, the presenter asked her if she was angry and she replied that she felt “outrage”.

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