Thursday, December 1

A Lavapiés pharmacy will collect the antigen tests that Ayuso gives away to give them to those excluded from public health

In Lavapiés Pharmacy, located on the corner of Cabestreros and Lavapiés streets, are repeat offenders. Always committed to a truly universal public health, understood as a right for any citizen, regardless of their administrative situation, they know that at the expected moment when the free antigen tests promised by the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, there will be many neighbors who will not have access to them because they do not have a health card.

These people, those excluded from the public health system, are also usually members of some of the most vulnerable groups in society and in their favor is that they prepare a solidarity campaign to collect tests identical to the mask collection they carried out with success during confinement.

From Farmacia Lavapiés they indicate to We are Lavapiés that it will be through their social networks that they announce the moment when they are ready to receive test donations, something that will foreseeably happen from next day 28, the date on which it is believed that anyone with a health card will be able to approach a pharmacy to pick up your free antigen test.

It will be then when the Lavapiés Pharmacy invites anyone who will not need this test or who believes that their finances will allow them to take one by paying for it with money from their own pocket, to deliver their free test at the pharmacy so that it in turn it can be sent to people without resources and to those who, living in Madrid, do not count for public health: certain minors, applicants for international protection, reunited ancestors and citizens in an irregular administrative situation.

During the mask donation campaign that this pharmacy launched in May 2020, when the Community of Madrid distributed one for each member included in a health card, its appeal was attended by about a thousand people, which makes it optimistic for the success of this imminent campaign.

Solidarity check

The involvement of this pharmacy that he looks out onto the Plaza de Lavapiés with the most disadvantaged people in the neighborhood is well known, as is his interaction with different groups of Ambassadors. Another of its solidarity initiatives, still in force, consists of the creation of solidarity checks that anyone can buy for 5 euros.

These purchases generate a pot that is subsequently used to finance, in whole or in part, essential treatments for vulnerable people not covered by social security, thus ensuring that they can continue taking the medications they need.

The families or people who are assisted by this system access those checks derived by the different social support networks of the Lavapiés neighborhood, with which the pharmacy is in contact.

Between September 2020 and March 2021, the date of the last public recount, this system managed to raise about 1,500 euros, enough money to almost completely pay for the pharmacy needs of more than 30 family units.

The beneficiaries of this aid “are lifelong neighborhood families who, due to the labor impact derived from Covid-19, cannot afford the medicines. Others are people who have arrived in Spain a few months ago, leaving their countries of origin for various reasons and that they request political asylum and are in a social situation of extreme vulnerability, “the pharmacy tells about the profile of the people they are helping.

“We collaborate with both large families and single-person units, many of them people who do not have a stable home or who spend the night in Madrid City Council shelters”, they affirm.