Monday, September 20

A lie that does not cover many truths

We do not know what went through the head of the young man who last Sunday denounced that eight hooded men assaulted him in the portal of his house causing him serious injuries and that two days later he has retracted and declared that the injuries were consensual. Presumably, at no time did he calculate the consequences of inventing an assault and not just those it could have for him. The least that can be said is that he is irresponsible who with his action has harmed all those groups, including his, that are victims and increasingly of hate crimes.

Because if you are a woman, you belong to the LGTBI collective or you are a migrant, you have to look back many times for fear of being followed, look for the streets with better lighting, send a message to warn that you have gotten home safely or ask the taxi driver to leave. wait for you to enter the portal. Because unfortunately a false attack on a Malasaña portal will not prevent attacks on women, gays or migrants from occurring in others.

The increase in hate crimes challenges us all, also or especially those who, if they want, can go hand in hand on the street with their partner. It is something that more than half of the LGTBI collective does not dare to do, according to a study by the EU Agency for Human Rights. 38% of the people surveyed for this study stated that in 2020 they had been the victim of some type of harassment. Real harassment.

The European Commission against Racism and Intolerance identifies groups that are vulnerable to hate crime: asylum seekers and refugees, migrants, black people, Jewish and Muslim communities, Roma and other religious, historical, ethnic and linguistic minority communities, and LGBTI people. Intolerance, in political interventions, newspaper articles, networks or comments on the street, promote hate speech that must be fought and not only from a legal point of view, something that is taken for granted.

When Vox uses false data and repeats it Despite knowing that he lies about the foreign origin of the perpetrators of attacks on women, he is fueling hatred towards migrants. Santiago Abascal’s party is also lying when it states that 8 out of 10 complaints of gender violence end up archived when in reality they are only 1.3%, according to data from the General Council of the Judiciary. Even so, the electoral program of the extreme right proposed “the effective prosecution” of false accusations. The young man from Malasaña has only given Vox an argument but the percentages will continue to contradict them.

When the deputies of the PP do not condemn or abstain In the European Parliament in a vote to reject the homophobic laws of Víktor Orbán in Hungary, it is collaborating so that hatred against the LGTBI collective makes its way. When the PP exonerates Vox and downplays the fact that leaders of the extreme right have linked homophobic attacks to the increase in violence and illegal migration, it legitimizes its racist discourse. It happened before a young man from Madrid invented the attack by a group of hooded men and it will continue to happen afterwards. It only depends on the PP to mark the distances that the vast majority of its sister parties in Europe have defined with respect to Orbán’s policies and those of other leaders of the same kind.

The entities and lawyers that are dedicated to denouncing attacks on vulnerable groups also demand greater awareness among judges so that they assume that the profile of the aggressors has also changed. It’s no longer just about skinheads or gang members. What argues in a very illustrative way the lawyer Laia Serra, “the judges are still waiting for a Nazi to commit the aggression, but many times it is the neighbor of the fifth”.

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