Wednesday, March 22

A local Ceuta policeman arrested for shooting his wife to death with his service weapon

A 47-year-old woman has been murdered in Ceuta this Monday, allegedly by her husband, a Local Police agent who has been arrested after shooting with his service weapon inside his home, where a 17-year-old daughter of the couple was years.

The first data indicates that the 48-year-old agent shot his wife several times, fatally wounding her and without the medical services being able to do anything to save her life. The shots were allegedly fired in the presence of his daughter, since her 10-year-old son was not at home.

The Local Police, alerted by neighbors who heard shots, was the first to appear at the home and proceeded to arrest the husband.

The detained agent was assigned to the San José market while the deceased was an official of the Administration of Justice.

If it is confirmed as a sexist crime, it would be the seventh woman murdered by her partner or ex-partner so far this year in Spain. Four minors have also been orphaned after her mother died in these circumstances.

Last year, according to data compiled by the Delegation against Gender Violence, 44 women were murdered.

Victims of sexist violence and those around them can request assistance 24 hours a day by calling 016, emailing [email protected] and WhatsApp number 600 000 016.