Friday, September 24

A luxury traffic jam

Being blocked, stuck, paralyzed, restricted, is not a pleasant thing. Unless they pay you a stellar salary and lead a more relaxed professional life than usual and with all the privileges of the position. This is what happens in the Judiciary. His mandate has expired by law for more than a thousand days and, as the PP refuses to renew it because its current composition suits it, they are still there.

The upper echelons of the Judiciary could resign to try to unblock the situation, but They do not do it although they describe the situation as “unsustainable” and make an equidistant distribution of blame. The president, Carlos Lesmes, charges more than 140,000 euros gross per year. He and seven other members have a salary higher than that of the Prime Minister. You have all the detail here.

The Goya of Hope

Perhaps you remember the story we told you a few months ago: Esperanza Aguirre and her husband sold an unpublished Goya for five million without protecting it as a cultural asset to save taxes. Aguirre’s brother-in-law assures that the couple kept the painting in an inheritance that did not correspond to them and on top of that they sold it under cover. If you don’t remember read them that has no waste.

Today’s news is that the Prosecutor’s Office believes that there was tax evasion in that operation and asks the judge to investigate it.

  • And Cospedal. The Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office has also displeased María Dolores de Cospedal. He asks the National Court to rectify the judge in the case of espionage against Bárcenas and that I impute it. It is not fully understood that the top Interior officials and not her are being investigated for the clandestine operation to follow the PP treasurer.

Atrocious homophobia

You are going to enter your house on any given afternoon, in the center of your city. Eight people dressed in black sweatshirts sneak behind you into the portal. They wear ski masks. What’s going on. They take out a razor and cut your lip. They smash you to the ground, pull down your pants and mark the word “fag” on your buttock with the knife. This happened to someone yesterday in Madrid.

The PP says that the rise and whitening of the extreme right They have nothing to do with it.


Do not pass

  • Like nothing . The third educational course affected by Covid-19 is starting and here it seems that nothing has happened. In most of the autonomous communities, the ratios are the same as before, so the distances and the stuffy air in the classrooms are a disaster. And with fewer teachers than ever. Our experts recommend do at least recurrent screening in schools.
  • Ábalos speaks. He was struck down as a minister and was also removed from the organic leadership of the PSOE. That was almost two months ago and José Luis Ábalos has admitted that since that day He has not spoken to Pedro Sánchez again. Someday we will know what happened.
  • 20 years of 9/11. Twenty years have passed since the attack on the Twin Towers. Today, the extreme right is the main author of terrorist attacks in the United States. The fight against extremism ended up encouraging national extremism.
  • Omar is leaving. Last night we learned that Michael K. Williams, the actor who played Omar Little in the legendary series The Wire, was found dead at his home in New York. The day had started badly, with the news of the death of Jean-Paul Belmondo, from whom rwe pass their characters more legendary.


Everything is politics

  • A deadly blow. Jeannette Zacarías was an 18-year-old Mexican girl who fell into a coma while fighting in an unequal boxing match that was organized for her in Canada, in one of many unknown evenings that continue to exist. As they comment in the country, on many countries boxing is a price to pay to get out of poverty. Beating yourself up for quick cash.
  • Placido Domingo tomorrow receives the award from the Association of Foreign Press Correspondents in Spain. Because of his career, they say. While the best of international journalism is immersed in investigations derived from the MeToo, here Plácido Domingo is rewarded a few months after he has received accusations from a score of women for inappropriate behavior. The tenor has been “acquitted by the applause”, he says the social chronicle conservative this summer. Despite the cancellations in half the world, he has received concerts in Spain where Aznar, Marta Sánchez and the most loyal fans attend, who receive him with ovations.
  • Roblox is a platform that allows you to create video games. And no, it is not a program for expert developers of professional studios: it is used by more than 5 million young people and adolescents to experiment and make their own games, which they end up trying 200 million monthly active players. First it happened with photography, then music or journalism, and now disintermediation comes to video games. Alarm voices are raised: the company behind Roblox is being lined at the cost of the altruistic creativity of adolescents.

Tomorrow we read each other again. I wait for you here.

A hug,


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