Wednesday, October 27

A macro-bottle brings together about 25,000 people in Madrid

The Municipal Police of Madrid has communicated that the night from Friday to Saturday, about 25,000 people gathered in the vicinity of Ciudad Universitaria, between the Faculties of Philosophy and Law. According to the police, “from the University at no time was prior notice or information offered,” so they did not have “the corresponding operation.”

In the absence of “prior notice from the University,” the Municipal Police have recognized that “dissolving some 25,000 people is an almost impossible task.” For this reason, the device, which started after midnight and lasted until 7 a.m. this Saturday, focused on surveillance and control tasks in order to avoid incidents, mainly on the roads and around the Metro. .

According to police sources, the objective of avoiding serious incidents was achieved, in the face of the very high confluence of people. Specifically, the presence of the Municipal Police made the assembled people leave, but the absence of means of transportation at that time made it “very slow.”

Among other units, troops from the Comprehensive District Unit (especially from Moncloa), the UCES, Sections and the Air Support section (drones) traveled there. In the rest of the city, the presence of “a little more people” on the street than last weekend has been confirmed, but there have been no notable incidents. Municipal sources have recalled that the Municipal Police reinforces its bottle prevention services with about 200 extra agents on weekends.