Thursday, July 7

A macro outbreak at the end of the year in Salou infects 700 Navarrese students and forces to reduce the hours of nightclubs

As happened in Mallorca a few weeks ago, different end-of-year trips by students between the ages of 17 and 25 have generated a macro-outbreak with more than 700 affected people in Navarra, to which we must add at least thirty in Gipuzkoa, which It has already forced the Government of Navarra to advance the closing of the discos at 1 in the morning.

Pamplona faces its second ‘no Sanfermines’ in full rebound of infections and with the fear of a new wave

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The detection of several positive cases among young people who had traveled to Salou after the end of the academic year put the Navarra tracking service on alert last week, and on Friday the Navarre Health Service (Osasunbidea) called for a massive screening of the that, since Friday, more than a thousand people have attended.

Of the total PCR tests carried out to date in the screening, 50% have been positive, according to the provisional data that the Minister of Health, Santos Induráin has advanced this Monday. This positivity is ten times higher than critical, according to the World Health Organization indicators.

This macro outbreak has triggered infections in the provincial community, which in the last week have increased by 450%. The accumulated incidence has also rebounded, especially among adolescents between 17 and 18 years old, where the accumulated incidence rate per 100,000 inhabitants in 14 days reaches 1,681.69 cases.

“We are in a delicate and critical moment”, has alarmed the Minister of Health, who has pointed out that 80% of the new cases detected in recent days are already caused by the delta variant (detected in origin in India). “It is already the dominant variant in Navarra”, stated Santos Induráin, who has defined this variant as a “super contagious event”.

To stop the incidence, the Executive of María Chivite has approved this Monday an emergency regional order with which the closing of the discos is brought forward at 1 in the morning, the same closing time that all the hospitality industry has. “All the infections originating in Salou have in common that they occurred indoors and without maintaining sanitary measures, so for the moment we believe that with this measure the contagions can be stopped,” said Vice President Javier Remírez.

This measure will come into force on July 7 and will be in force until at least the 20th. For this July 6, the day on which the Sanfermines would begin if they were not suspended, the bars and restaurants in the center of Pamplona already have everything reserved for the traditional lunches of the crews, and Salud fears that added to the macro outbreak of Salou could be the origin of a new wave of the pandemic.

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