Wednesday, July 6

A macro outbreak with almost a thousand students affected throughout the country after traveling to Mallorca forces to intervene to Health

For the second year in a row, the end of the academic year celebrations are generating outbreaks of coronavirus and putting the fall in the incidence of the pandemic at risk. A study trip to Mallorca for second year high school students after Selectivity has generated a macro outbreak with almost a thousand people affected throughout Spain.

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At the moment, outbreaks have emerged in Madrid (245 infected and 452 people in isolation), Gipuzkoa (49 cases and 250-300 pending a PCR) and Elche (32 positives). According to Efe, there are also affected in Cantabria or Murcia. The Ministry of Health is already working on coordinating this mega-outbreak and, in the case of the Basque Country, sources from the Department of Health have indicated that the samples will be analyzed to determine if the delta variant is involved. Several councilors expressed their concern about these cases in the inter-territorial council on Wednesday.

The trips from all over Spain to Mallorca have been organized by a group called Delem, which operates under the brands and They are based in Seville. One of the hypotheses with which they are working is that the outbreak would multiply on the ferry back from the archipelago to the peninsula via Valencia, of the Balearia company, and that from there it would spread. Sources from the Andalusian company indicate that they cannot specify the origin, since there are also groups that did not travel by boat, and indicate that they are preparing a list of the hundreds of students who have been sent to the Balearic Islands in recent weeks to send it to Health. They claim that all of them had negative CRP on the way out, although that requirement did not apply to the return.

During the stay of these young people, the local Majorcan authorities had warned of crowds in the leisure areas. According to ‘El Diario de Mallorca’, there were also incidents in a reggaeton macro-concert and that ‘boatparties’ were held. In the Basque case, the largest outbreak known so far occurred precisely last year after the Selectivity celebrations. 600 positives were detected in and around Eibar, which marked a turning point after the end of the state of alarm and until the health emergency was declared again in mid-August.

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